welcome to the year 2019

Happy New Year! We celebrate with fireworks, champagne, sparkly dresses and legendary parties. Right? This year we celebrated with a delish dinner at 5pm, then a equally as delicious family cuddle, and a champagne toast a couple hours before actual midnight struck. Ending one year and starting another can be an emotional thing. So many amazing gifts were given to me in 2018.

  • A home finished and moved in to

  • The opportunity to work on our small family-started festival Cape Cod Roots and Blues festival.

  • An engagement to my best friend.

  • The continued good health of my little munchkin.

  • Working pretty consistently in a trade I still enjoy (modeling)

  • The opportunity to travel the world yet again with Garrett.

    Im sure we can all do this. Make lists of the great things that happened in the past year. Why it may be difficult the mark the time of another year passing. 2018 the year that was so good it was hard to say good bye to. The inevitable passing of time. And in other ways, it might feel good to start anew, with a new year. As we can all account for the good, we can probably all account for some not-so-good or, ok im going to say it, the BAD. Social media and platforms are so full of broadcasting all the good in our lives, but might not be so open to the bad. But it’s there. So perhaps 2019 is a year full of hope and promise. A year to leave 2018 behind.

I feel a little of both. in fact, if I’m being completely honest, the last month and a half have been challenging emotionally and physically for me. Since I’ve been having an internal struggle, i’ve been having some external consequences. Today I admit to you that i’ve been quicker to lose my patience, a bit more bitter, not hitting these as full hearted as I usually do, distracted, and over all not the person I know I can be.

Now that i’ve said it, I want to put into words some of my new Years resolutions/goals. I don’t want to go through some drastic change, or even “give up” things I enjoy (wine, sugar, and binge netflixing) But rather I want to manifest positive things in my live. Including the way I look at things! Starting a new year shoudnt’t be about changing yourself, but rather setting goals that will help you achieve the best version of yourself. MINE ARE

  • Be patient and Kind. Listen to what the world is trying to tell me

  • WANT LESS! I have already been given so much. Material things are not important

  • Write more. Its therapeutic to me and I LOVE communicating with all of you

  • Be apart of a team! Im a part of my family team, but I hope to continue to have a big part in CCRB and contribute to this family biz!

  • Grow my family! I hope and pray that someday (and hopefully this year) we will be blessed with another child.

  • Hit everything I do whole heartedly.

  • Not worry so much!

  • help people. I want to help people the way so many have been there for me in the past. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without so many people lending a helping hand throughout my youth and young adulthood. I can only hope to have the same affect on someone.

I hope that somewhere, someone likes to hear what I have to say and my outlooks on life. I would love if anyone here would tell me any subjects they want me to write about or dive deeper into.



start of 2018

start of 2018

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