Week 1 of summer Tour

This summer, I made the decision that Lewis and I would be traveling with Garrett for most of the tour. Lewis is a year older, a tad bit easier to travel with and much more aware. I knew it was important he spend as much time with his dad this summer as possible. 

And quite frankly, I didn't want to leave Garrett at all. I miss him. Even when he is gone for a night. Id much rather be together as a family than apart. The summer tour welcomes the opportunity. There is much fewer people on the tour bus, and all the towns we go to are fun little beach towns. Lewis is obsessed with the water/beach so it just made sense.

We left Charli behind and began our journey to Brigantine, New Jersey. Laguna Rum Bar was the first venue. I surprise myself on how much I remember from each of these towns. I remember the yummy açaí bowl place, the jerk who didn't let buy beach toys both last year and this year, and the old school hotel parked right on the beach. I love these places. Each one has something that sticks with me. A memory, a momento, a photograph with the friends we visited while we were there. 

The next town we were in was Long Beach, New York. Another great beach spot. Lewis splashed around, the only bare bottom babe in sight. We watched Garrett surf, and made Lewis' first sand castle, and then promptly destroying it with a truck. We didn't get to watch this show because it was too loud for Lewis little ears, but we did find a playground and a delish ice cream spot. 

On the third day we were in Avalon, New Jersey. Garretts's home town. At this point I was 2 for 2 with not drinking, only eating salads, and working out while Garrett and Lewis were napping. Feeling pretty proud of myself. In the past it was hard for me to refrain from partying and skipping workouts to be with the friends we see in every town. But it was pretty easy this time around. We again went to the beach and saw a bunch of people Garrett grew up with. It's fun to hear stories from the past. Garrett can retell these memories with such a detail, I always seem to be able to paint a picture in my head. Makes me have a headache thinking about Lewis being his age. LOL

The next day, Garrett and the crew went to fly to Colorado for a couple shows and Lew and I rode the bus to NYC. My heart ached when we said good bye. Even if its just a few nights, it still doesn't feel as right as when we are all together. I have always had this with Garrett. I love him so much. And I'm sure that the distance is good, but things have been so lovely for our little family unit. So now Lew and I are in NYC and trying not to melt. It's good to be back in the city. Brings back lots of memories, and lots of emotions. They are always a little tough for me to sort through and get a grip on how I feel currently. But Lewis grounds me. One thing I have found this week that has helped me be the best version of myself is routine. Even today in NYC, Lewis and I are following the outline to what the last 2 days have been, and it makes things slightly easier. I'll be writing a health and fitness post about routine this week so keep an eye out. 

And here are some pics I snapped this past week