Mid July on the Road (run)

Damn it feels good to sit in front of my laptop again!. I swear it's our busiest time of year and I'm not even working. It's all Garrett, and we are just along for the ride. However the days on tour run away faster than I can catch up and I find myself in mid July. Beach day after beach day, than some days in the city, trying to stay cool and entertain my little one. Trying to juggle rest, fun, and family togetherness on these days, is more of a full time job than I thought. 

Traveling with kids is absolutely challenging, makes me lose my mind, makes my heart melt, makes me miss home, and makes me feel blessed. It's hard to even understand me own emotions some times. Garrett gave me an out before the second leg of the tour started. He said, "are you sure you want to come? You can just stay home and I won't be upset" But after a long winter apart, I just really couldn't consider another month with my family not being together. Lewis is at the age where he loves to be with his daddy. I figure he might not be home with all of his toys, but he is home with us. 

There is late night diaper runs, lots of going with the flow, toy grabs along the way, overpriced laundry loads, unhealthy meals out, bus breakfasts, random children activities, squeezed in workouts, hot walks to the beach, and a million memories that will last forever. 

I wish I could share every memory. But their are literally to many to name but here are a few. Lewis running to the water every time we step a foot on the beach. 

Flea Markets for toys


Using yelp every other day to find a children's museum

Having a party the night we are leaving. Running back onto the bus like bandits. 

Lewis running on stage with Garrett during a show, and kicking and screaming when I had to pull him off.

Meal after meal consisting of either almond butter banana toast, and/or French fries. 

A kiss and look of appreciation from Garrett, knowing that we are in this together. 

Talks and plans of making a bigger family. 

Sometimes I'm not sure If I made the right decision by taking Lew on the road. He is confined to the bus a lot of our down time and he's not at home. But we are able to travel, we are able to be together as a family, and the world has so much to offer. 


Kelsey Lauren