A Night Away


Since Lewis has been born, It's been all about him. (Obvi) But I can't tell you the last time Garrett and I went on a actual date... WITHOUT him. We pretty much bring him everywhere with us. Out to dinners, to friends houses, on tour. You name it. We come as a party of three. The only time I get a sitter, is if I go to one of Garrett's later shows. Or if I have an event I want to go to when he is out of town. I am NOT complaining. Because we love it! We both rather have him along. To be together as a family. When Garrett's not traveling we want to be together as much as possible. There most definitely are occasions where I wish we did leave him with a sitter when we are at dinners. But it's too late at that point and we just roll with it. . I want to sit down and enjoy a meal, he wants to bang his grubby hands on the glass walled windows. What can ya do?

So, when we found out Garrett had to go to NYC for a brief one night trip, I low key planted the idea to leave Lew with our sitter. Turns out Garrett didn't need much convincing and was happy to take me on a adult-only trip to the city. I tried not to think about it the days leading up to the trip because I figured i'd end up chickening out on leaving him. And I was just excited! I literally haven't been to NYC without Lew (and all the responsibility), since I pregnant. 

Off we went. Solo parent expedition. It felt so weird to not have to worry about occupying Lewis on a long car drive. Garrett and I just got to talk and be alone. That might have been my favorite part. Just the drive down. Having him all to myself for 4-5 hours. (not the drive back though because it was late, and I slept the entire time. Good job honey) We checked in to our closet sized hotel room and started our kidless night. I attempted to walk 4 city blocks with heels on and quickly learned that wouldn't be happening. Once we got to soho house, we spent 100 dollars on two cocktails (not really but almost). And sat on a wind swept roof, with what seemed like all the same people that were there 5 years ago. Not much has changed. The food was still *pretty* good, and we continued our night with one more overpriced cocktail bar which would be the Boom Boom room. My highlight of that stop, was riding in the "Jay Z" elevator. 

The next morning came with a slight hangover that I remedied with Russ and Daughters Cafe deliciousness. We started to make our way to our Friend, who happens to be an incredible artist, studio. This was the NYC I was missing. It was inspiring, exciting, and really special to see Greg at his studio with some magnificent pieces. I can't wait to show you a couple pieces we ended up going home with. Stay tuned as they are at the Cape House (which I need to give you an update on)

So, the moral of my drawn out story of leaving my child for the fist time, was that it was ok. I missed his personality, and ability to light up a room instantly. I missed the way he adds a lightness to every situation. I missed his charisma and his little creative mind. I didn't talk about it, and tried to enjoy myself in the moment of a kidless woman. And I did enjoy it. I enjoyed SO SO MUCH pressing that snooze button, and actually getting to snooze. The only person I had to take care of was me. The only person I had to give attention to was me and my man, who doesn't get enough credit on how incredible he is sometimes when there are so many distractions around. And, It's tough to share the limelight with the cutest curly headed kid around, I mean I GET it. But, the whole thing left me feeling with this peace. I'm not missing a thing of my old life. And I am so incredibly happy.

Will I do it again? Probably, but not for a long time.

WAs he fine with his sitter? Absolutely. He probably got more attention and activity those two days, than he does with me on our daily routine.

Did I miss him? terribly

Did I survive? Of course, and I was happy to spend the time with my boyfriend. 

Mommas leaving your kid for the first time?

Happy to talk about it. 

Comments questions, stories?! I wanna know <3

xx kl