A Porch and Siding.

I almost can picture it all done.. It's beautiful cedar planked siding, and its recycled decking. The copper roof, the screened in porch, the outside shower. They are all there. All components of our everyday outside lives. The doors are all in and functioning properly. I'm ready to grab my sleeping bag and camp out until it's time to install the wood floors. Every part of the house is coming together before my eyes. It feels like my plants I just planted. Slowly growing and maturing into what eventually will be a beautiful end product.

I wanted to write this blog post, because I imagine it will be one of the last times I will be around to see the house before it's finished. Garrett, Lewis and I are leaving for the road, and not returning until when his gig brings us back here on the 9th. And then we will just be home for a few days and continue on the summer tour. Im happy to have this time to spend with Garrett on the road, but I also feel like I'm leaving a little part of my heart here. With this house, with my plants, with my property. I try remember that there is going to be a time when we can't travel as much. And maybe a time where there will be more little Kelsey's and Garrett's running around and keeping me busy. One day I'll be too busy to hop on the tour bus all summer, but in the mean time, I want to soak as much time up traveling together as a family. 

It seems as if we are on the homestretch on the outside of the house. Almost all the siding Is on, the deck is finished, roof is finished, doors are in. I looks almost done on the outside. But the inside has got a ways to go. The electrical is started, so I think thats a good sign :) But we have started to pick out some small things together. 

Towel Racks, Toilet paper holder, hooks. We decided to go with a industrial piping theme. We think it will put a fun spin on the house. And I'm not much of a avid Etsy user, but we are finding LOADS of things that match we want to get. 

Art- We are also starting to to some measurements of where all our art will go. If you know us, you know that every spare inch of wall space will have piece of art on it. 

Everything is picked out now. The floors, the walls, the bath tub, the fireplace, the sink, light fixtures, now it's just a matter of time of them all coming together. Can't wait to come in July and update some more photos.