Visits home and life on the road


This past week has been.. amazing, exhausting, challenging, and lovely. So many emotions I legit didn't know what to do with all of them. So I cried. A couple times. And that's ok. Because everyone, especially moms, deserves a good cry every now and then. Or every day. 

My first stop was Holland, MI to visit my family for a bit, and meet Garrett there. He had a show in Grand Rapids, and then a couple days off. We agreed to stay in Holland on those days and looked forward to spending time with my family. A little side note- Garrett played at the venue we met at 9 years ago! It was fun to be there with him again.

Anyways. The morning of my flight started like any other day. A hot mess of a situation. We ended up getting to the airport on time, only to find out that I had missed my flight. It was a mistake on deltas behalf but at this point it didn't matter. I was openly sobbing at the front desk after they told me they couldn't get me to Michigan until the next day. I don't know if it's the amount of effort it takes me to go anywhere with Lewis, or how bad I wanted to see my sisters, but I lost it. Luckily my travel agent swooped in and switched my airline. I was in Holland after a couple short flights. After a roadie on the way to my older sisters, and a slice a pizza when I got there, all previous worries had been gone. The night ended up in a intense and very competitive boys vs girls soccer game with the kids and adults. There was a lot of sweat, sobering up, and grass stains ( and only a couple tears) I learned a couple important things that night. My nephews are very good at soccer. My sisters... are not. It also just reaffirmed how fast time flies by. I still remember holding my eldest nephew when he was a new baby, and now I was trying to slide tackle him so he wouldn't score yet another goal. It's always so great to connect with my siblings. We were so close throughout our adolescence when our family was working through my moms sickness, and that bond has carried over the years.

I'm so thankful for them and their support throughout the years. We all were there when my mom battled her demons, and were there again when she surrendered and joined our Heavenly Father. It's still very hard for me to talk about. It's still really hard for me to go back to Holland. Visits are full of happy times with the rest of my family, but also emotions of loss and longing. I love and miss my mom so dearly. And I really really wish she could have met Lewis. 

I started to miss the rest of my family the moment we left, but was also excited to set off on an adventure with my own little family. And so we hopped on the bus with the rest of the band and I held my breath and hoped that Lewis would sleep through the night. He ended up being up 4-5 times in the middle of the night. But since we were both sleeping in a bunk (which is smaller than a twin bed for sure) I was RIGHT THERE to comfort him. I knew this trip would have sleep challenges so I readily accepted them. I was just happy to be there. 

Each day was similar but different. The shows were all in the midwest, and in the suburbs so we stayed close to the venue. Lewis and I bopped around back stage frequenting the catering area. One day we got to take Lewis to an amusement park that was semi conjoined with the venue. I quickly learned I don't have a stomach for anything that goes in circles anymore. But loved creating memories with my two boys that we are bound never forget. Then each night was soundcheck- nap- show. 

Lewis and I got to watch Garrett preform each night. Which was probably my favorite part. It was an early enough show that Lewis was still in a pretty good mood, and the backstage wasn't too loud for Lewis's little ears. I love being able to share these moments with our son. Garrett is so talented and the affect he has over people is beautiful, really. Its amazing to watch him connect and pour out his heart and soul into each performance. And then there is Lewis, he is crazy about it. He wants to run to his dad on stage, be right there and apart of it. I wonder what it is? Babies are so innocent and thoughts are so pure. I wish I could know what he thinks. Lewis stayed awake to watch one of Jack's show, but faded right at the end. I was hit with a metal toy plane in the eye/face area, so I knew it was time to call it. To sum it all up, it was a great few days with my little family and my extended "road family". 


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I just wanted to share a couple things about Jack, which anyone who was at any of the shows would know. He's amazing musician. And also is an amazing environmentalist. He takes the extra step to make sure there are no single use plastics back stage. In catering, there is a compost, and two recycling options. The lighting they had on stage and over the crowd, was on display with plastic that him and his family collected from their beaches in Hawaii. (AWARENESS) He takes the time to talk about the environment and how it's a real problem for our oceans. He also has a whole "Village Green" at the venue. It has local organizations that are working for their local environments. There is also a water filling station to eliminates single use water bottles. There is also a "All at Once" photo wall where you make a commitment to lesson your plastic waste.. He also sells  reusable water bottles and pint cups. There is way more than that but thats what I saw during a quick visit that turned awry when Lewis found his banana on the ground. to learn more click HERE

Lights filled with plastic 

Lights filled with plastic 

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