How I started Modeling

Taken when I as 18. Photographer unknown   

Taken when I as 18. Photographer unknown



It's one of those days again. The kind that happens ever so often. Garrett leaves to tour, and Lewis and I stay behind. And at first we aren't to sure what to do with ourselves. Our fearless fun leader is off to work, so we must continue on, changing our schedule just a smidge. We tend to be on the rock n roll schedule when Garrett is home. So here we are. I have a lot of time to think and write when Garrett isn't home.. Today I thought a lot about how my life in New York City got started. I haven't always been a model. I came from somewhere, just like everybody else. I let my my wander to the early days of when my life started in New York City.

Last week I went to a influencers talk and breakfast discussion. People who seem like they might be trying to do the same thing as me. Bloggers, writers, creatives and so on. What a few of them found interesting in my professional background, was my past as a model living in NYC. I still model, quite regularly in Boston, but it is different. So today I want to write about how I got started in NYC.

When I was 18 years old, I was waiting tables in Royal Oak, Michigan. Right outside of Detroit. I drove a hand me down PT Cruiser, lived with my bf at the time (and his 2 dude friends) and was taking a couple online courses. I had no idea what I wanted to do as a long term profession, but I knew I wanted to move from Michigan, and see the world. 

I found a local agency, Productions Plus, and had been signed with them for just over 3 months when they called to tell me I booked a job. The job was with a furniture store called Art Van. Cindy Crawford collaborated on some furniture I guess, and the creative director of the shoot chose me. 

The creative directors name was Bruce MacDonald, and after a day of shooting, I got to know him a bit. He told me how he used to be head of creative with Target, Macy's and now was with Artvan. He also asked me why I was living in Michigan, and not NYC. At this point in my life, NYC didn't even see like a realistic opportunity for me, so needless to say I was flattered. People started telling me I could be a model  when I was 16. I never took it seriously until Bruce got me a email chain with one of the top agencies in NYC at the time, Major Models. The email chain turned into a Skype date, which turned into a flight to NYC to meet the bookers, which turned into me moving into the model apartment. 

To be completely honest, I was LUCKY and/or blessed. I was essentially discovered, and given the chance to live in a big city, that I had always dreamed of. I'll never forget the day when I arrived into NYC from. Laguardia. It was raining and busy. I was wearing Uggs (don't ever wear uggs into a modeling agency) and a pair of true religion jeans. They immediately gave me black leggings and stilettos to put on, and then made me walk a lap around the huge table they were all sitting around in the middle of the room. I must have looked like a baby giraffe; awkward and unsure, but they liked something about me. They covered all my flight expenses and moved me into the model apartment after the Easter holiday, and that's when it felt like my adulthood started. 

I did not start to make money immediately. In fact, I lived off of coffee, cigarettes (don't smoke its bad) , and cliff bars. I shot everyday for a month. I shot with good photographers, bad ones, new ones, old ones. They wanted me busy, and learning. And that's exactly what I did. I remember being so tired and frustrated that the number in my bank account was slowly going down to $100. But then, they decided I was ready, and the bookers started to try to book me. And just like that, I was working. Then it all changed. Including my confidence level. I could continue to tell you this story, but I would be writing into the night. So I'll save it for another time. 

Modeling has given me some of the most amazing experiences, and for that I will always love and cherish that time in New York (London and France). When Lewis was just a little bean in my belly, I made the decision to leave NYC behind and become a mother. A word I never quite understood until he was born. Here I am, a mother, successful model in Boston ( with Maggie Inc), and an aspiring influencer. 

Thank YOU for reading. And may you reach for your dreams!