The (rock n roll) travelers wife.


Hi Guys!

I just want to start off by saying thank you all for being so supportive on my instagram posts. Garrett was gone for 2 weeks, (that most definitely is not the longest amount of time he's been gone) and I definitely felt like I could share with you guys my feelings and struggles. Your overwhelming support and relate really blew me away and touched my heart. I had no idea that so many of you are going through the same thing. It's really comforting to me to know that I'm not alone. And inspiring that there are so many of you BAD ASS mommas out there. 

So I wanted to start this portion of the blog for everyone. Leave comments, your stories, your struggles, you real talk sh**, your advice to each other. I would personally love to hear it also. So I'll start this new addition to the blog by my own little tid bit. 

So Garrett went on his Florida tour. The first few days are kind of fun. Lewis and I lounge a lot, go to the gym, the park, and the days pass leisurely. We go to bed early and wake up early. We start falling into a sort of rhythm. Then the fourth day roles around, and I start to get antsy. I can feel Lewis start to really miss his dad. It's the small things. He starts to notice other peoples dads at the park, notice that dad isn't next to him when he wakes up, and generally feels like he is getting sick of his old mom. 

Luckily we have the cape to escape to. Garrett's parents are back there now so I can share Lew with his family. The winters feel long when everyone is gone, but this time of the year people start to get outside more. This last week Lewis was alllll over his granddad. I never even seen him act so charming. His manners were flawless and he was on his best behavior. He followed his papa around the house and yard. I was so pleased and could clearly see that Lewis was missing his father, and found pieces of his daddy in his daddy's daddy. 

The days rolled on and I had to work so was happy to have a slight distraction of our routine and get out of the house a bit. I think it's helpful for both Lewis and I. We started to prepare for Garrett's homecoming 3-4 days before he even got home. I made a big batch of healthy soup, got loads of fresh dinner menu options from the farmers market, and got the house cleaned. I strategically got the house cleaned just a few days before he got home because I knew it wouldn't last (LOL). We made cookies the day he arrived (which are now half gone!). His homecoming was 2 hours late and as sweet as can be.

But don't think the "2 hours late" statement was added non chalantly. The beginning, it's the sign that daddy's home now and the schedule we had going is now over. Now its late nights with warm snuggles in the morning. Now its short naps and trips to the park. It cheese, carbs and the occasional red meat. Which I am totally happy to indulge in. But there is that shift that any mother can probably relate too when daddy is home. Our hero he surely is, and rocks our lives just as good as he does the stage when he's away.

We of course a million times rather have daddy home than not. But there was a learning period where I had (and still have to) adapt to the different baby schedule and still have the same constants in our lives. I think every relationship, traveling or not, deals with the same things. And as mothers, I think we totally HOLD IT DOWN. So from one momma to the next, you're awesome. And if there's one thing I've for sure learned, is that as long as I, ME (and Garrett ;)) is Lewis's constant, everything else is just noise. 

AND last but not least, if you do have a traveling parent in the family, Garrett wrote a children's book called little daddies. Its available and on amazon. I may be a little biased but it's quite good and may give you all the feels 

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