A Roof and Windows, a house is forming

I thought it was about time for another house post. I only have the one, and the house is surely coming along. For those of you who don't know what's going on, click here! Read the post before. 

But basically, we are building a house! A home, a place to call my very own. A place where every single little details is picked out by us. I did't want to post an update until there was significant changes, but I'd say we are there now! I'm posting a before and after picture right here and then talking about what we chose and why so far. 



This is my first time seeing these two images next to each other and my mind is a little blown. It has only been a few months, but the house is coming along and is expected to be done mid summer. 

Every time I get down to the cape and see the progress it makes me more and more excited. I can start to imagine Lewis' little pitter patter of feets on our porch. I can feel the fire place keep us warm during a winter night. I can see my Barre classes on a Friday morning in the screened in porch. I can even picture myself waking up and looking out that window in my bedroom. The sun spilling through whatever shades we buy and don't work ( because isn't that what always happens?! LOL) 

I'm so anxious for the house to be done. I can't wait to pick out all out bedding, rugs, dishes, and the list of a million things that comes with owning house. But I'm respecting the process and admiring each step of the building. The careful thought that goes into each nail that builds a house is something I started to look at today. Makes me feel safe and excited for the next chapter in my family's life. OK so enough about how I feel lets talk house! I wanted to share with you guys some pretty key things that we chose for our house and why. We are lucky to have a seasoned builder, who knows what he is doing. He knows the air, the elements, and the town. But I know that might not be the case for everyone so here's what I got.

PORCH: BIG!! Big spacious porch. Our family does so much front porch lounging this was a must for us. I imagine long afternoons of Garrett writing. Breakfasts with my babies, sun bathing, and family dinners. 

ROOF: Copper. Copper roof. I can't believe we went for it. It's so different than what many cape houses have, but we weighed out options and opted for the roof with the life time warranty. Plus it looks SICK! Notice the copper trim as well. It actually is there to keep the siding on the house together. Since we live close to the water the wood will weather, swell, and change shape a little. 

Windows. Big windows everywhere. We chose this property because we are obsessed with every nook and cranny it has to offer. From the view to the water, to the window facing our driveway, there isn't a bad view.


Next, the siding will on, and it will really start to look like a finished house from the outside. The heating and cooling guys were there today, so that's also encouraging to see! I can't wait to continue to share this journey with you all. I know all of a sudden, the house will be finished in no time, so taking the time and effort to appreciate each phase.

Thank you for reading. Would love to hear what people who have built/renoed a house before have to say. Questions, advice, comments!?