Venice Beach Babies

And the next trip comes! I love California. I particularly love the coast. I'm a beach person for sure. So when Garrett made the plan to write in LA for a week, I wanted to join. And this trip particularly, we were feeling pretty confident and decided to take our dog Charli Girl. She's such a good girl, and that was always the plan. To travel with her. 


So the four of us left for the airport, surely forgetting something, and gearing up for a 6 hour flight with a puppy and a baby. (Charli Girl will be 1 end of the may) Garrett of course gets upgraded, and truly I'm happy for him, but that leaves Lew, Charli and I in the back. Luckily, There was an empty seat to my left so we had a full row and everyone did pretty great on the flight. 

LOL I can't help but post this

LOL I can't help but post this

We stayed near Venice Beach, and close to the famous street of Abbot Kinney. We walked it more times than I can count. We had healthy juices from Butchers Daughter in the mornings, and delicious wine from Gjelina in the evening. I also got to visit two stores that I wrote it one of my last blog posts about Sustainable Fashion.  I went to go see Boy + Girl, which was so much more than the website offered. A cute boutique right off Lincoln. The aesthetic was serene and inviting. I bought Lewis a new shirt from them, along with some overalls. I reached out to Kelsey from Lukka the Label, and she invited me to her studio, which was also a great experience. She told me how she got the company started and kept on hanging me garments to try on. Her space made me feel cool just walking into it. You can tell its her creative space. The room is charged with positive energy and I left with two new Lukka garments I can't wait to style.


Garrett worked most days but we had one afternoon where Lew and I crashed his photo shoot with Kaelan Browkowsky. We got some pretty epic family shots. I plan on sharing them with you.. eventually. Until then, the one I posted on instagram will have to be enough. 

We also made it to the Broad Museum which was a real treat. I highly recommend making a trip and taking the time to stay in line. Its a free museum and the collection is amazing.


We ended the week off with a night in Malibu. Garrett and Cisco Adler played an acoustic set at Malibu Burger company and we snuck off to Malibu Soho Beach house for some pizza and drinks afterwards. 


For Dining

Scopa- Delicious Italian cuisine. Big and loud atmosphere. We feel good about taking Lewis here.

Gjelina- This one has always been a fave, along with many other people. Indoor/outdoor seating, wine and beer, and all pretty tight together, but the food is damn good.

Gjusta- created by the people who started Gjelina, this casual lunch counter style restaurant has us going back every. single. day. Thats not an exaggeration. Also instead of spending 200 bucks t Gjelina, go to Gjusta for dinner and bring your own bottle of wine. Yummy

Butchers Daughter- Vegan brunch spot. Yes please. I always get lunch and a morning wellness latte here. They make being vegan so tasty. Haven't got to try everything yet but next time im going to try the gluten free and vegan carbonara! 

SAlt Air- Casual and tasty and you'll most likely get a table for dinner. 

Wabi Sabi- Great happy hour spot. The key to my heart definitely involves some Sake which they carry a plethora of. Even though I love this spot for a happy hour and snack, the others I prefer for a fine dining experience. 


Principessa - for all of your festival looks. I don't shop here much anymore, but I like them. They carry a variety of brands with a wide price range. 

Aust- An aussie ran aussie boutique. The price point is decent, and I got Gare a realllll cool shirt there. They have got a small but mighty mens and women's clothing selection

Show me your mumu - I have only ever seen this brand online, so it was fun for me to go to the store front. Did I buy anything? No. They had there "Barbie" collection launch when I walked in and let's just say its not quite my cup of whiskey.

Boy + Girl- as I mentioned above, they have a great kids selection of eco-friendly clothing. 

LCD- New store since I've been to Venice last, but they carry high end brands and I enjoyed perusing the racks, even though I wasn't going to spend $400 on a pair of sneakers

Satine- Love Satine. I got my first Eugenia Kim hat there years ago. It was the captains hat or little dutch boy hat that EVERYONE seems to be currently wearing. But they had it first. They carry some lovely high end clothing as well. You can once in a while snag a good piece on sale but get your cc out because you'll want to spend a pretty penny here.