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This summer, my friend Michelle is launching a booking platform for the fashion industry where models, photographers, hair + makeup artists, stylists, fashion influencers book jobs with brands without needing an agent  

It’s called Casting Coin and they already have over 1,000 artists on the waitlist. 

Last week, I was on a flight from Boston to LAX and Michelle texted me about getting involved in CC. She’s one of those people, who whenever you’re in the same room as her, you feel inspired. She encouraged me from the beginning to start Sweetwilled, and helped suppress any self doubt I was having. 

And today, I am proud to announce, Michelle has asked me to be the face of Casting Coin during the launch! 

I have been watching with my eyes wide at the sidelines, and now that I have been given an opportunity to become a bigger part in Casting Coin and I couldn’t be happier. 

With such a large talent roster so early on, Casting Coin is moving in the direction of changing the habits of the fashion world for good. FIGURATIVELY AND LITERALLY! It’s very exciting to watch the growth and be a part of a company like this. 

So a bit more about Casting Coin, on top of receiving your money immediately, you’ll most likely receive a bigger sum than you would be with any main stream agent because Casting Coin takes just 10% instead of the standard 20%. If you haven’t already realized, this is a win/win. 

If you don't want to leave your current agent, no problem. Casting coin is confident that you eventually will only want to exclusively work with them. But for now, you have the option to work on a job to Job basis. 

Mind blown yet? 

On top of all these exciting advances, Casting Coin will have another side that is an open social network. So people who initially did not get accepted to the booking platform are still allowed on the social network. 

All aspiring fashion talent is welcome to create profiles and post photos. The only requirement is that they be high quality portfolio images because the idea is getting exposure for your career. Think Instagram, but niche (just for fashion talent) and unlike Instagram where you have to pay for exposure due to the algorithm changes, on CC social network you actually get paid for engagement!

Behind Michelle, is a team of masters of their trades, all developing, believing, seeing the future together that is Casting Coin. 

Including me! Not only am I the face of Casting Coin, but I’m also the moderator on the private Facebook group that just launched. I’m looking for ambassadors, so join CC, and join the private group and I’m happy to steer you in the right direction. 

And standby for future updates! Throughout the growth of Casting Coin, I will continue to post success stories and updates on the company.


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