Terrible twos commence

I just have reached that point in my relationship with Lewis where things were GREAT! He was pretty easily consoled, never had to many out bursts, and generally was just happy all the time. He sleeps with me almost every night, because thats one of the only ways he would sleep through the night, but I was cool with that.  Garrett's been on the road the past few months, so I just feel more comfortable having Lewis close. I started to imagine my life with a toddler in one hand and a round belly. A hand lightly resting on the top of my belly. I like how I saw it in my mind. And then I started to think about Lewis holding my hand and a little bundle strapped to my front in the ergo. Lewis happily scootering ahead of us. Oh the picture is so sweet.

Of course Garrett and I have talked about having another baby. Both of us very enthusiastic about it. However a small piece of me remembers the hard ships too. The lack of sleep, the painful and emotional times trying to breastfeed, fatigue, and my body not belonging to me. With Lewis at two years old I have finally found my life back. With the combination of my passion for health and fitness, starting sweetwilled, and continuing my modeling career in Boston, I have really found the woman I want to be. Where I want to push myself to be in 10 years. Im 24, and feel I still have so much to offer. I'm by no means saying that I cannot be a working mom. I RESPECT the working mom with a fierce woman comradarie. We are responsible for everything to do with our children, and then possibly work full time. But, with working from home and choosing the hours I work, it also gives me the freedom to skip jobs and lack with my motivation. But my heart is so full with my family and life, and I deeply believe I have more love to offer to more (possible) children. With that being said, I AM NOT PREGNANT! 


Some day, I believe I will write that post, just not today. Where I was going with this, is Lewis turning two. I was feeling so confident in my mothering, it came to a surprise, to have Lewis round a corner of sweet toddler quite literally terrible two. Now I am not saying he is a bad boy, or im throwing in the towel! Im just saying the tantrums have started full force. Im sure it has something to do with lack of sleep and constant changes in his life, but, man oh man that boy can scream. So mamas out there, if you are reading this any recommendations on dealing with tantrums, and keeping my own cool would be much appreciated. It's really not that bad, I just want to make sure I am leaving Lewis with as much room to succeed at being a reasonable (LOL) as possible.

Thanks for reading. And since you made it to the bottom of this post, here are 5 things I am loving for Lewis this week.