After almost a month being apart, Garrett came home and we were reunited as a family. But my boyfriend is no lazy man you see. After just a week and a half of being home, he planned a trip to Nashville to write with a fellow musician. This type of trip is more conducive for Lewis and I to tag along on, because we will be In the same spot for longer than 48 hours. So off we went, a traveling family to Nashville, somewhere I have never been! And now I've been here for just about 5 days, and still feel i'm just skimming the surface on Nashville. East Nashville to be more precise. 

I wanted to share my experience in Nashville, where I shopped, what Lewis and I did and some delicious places to ate. 

Where we stayed

East Nashville was described to us as a "hipster" part of town, so naturally we started to look at airbnbs in the area. We found an adorable two bedroom apt with 24 hour fitness center and pool, for a great price.oWhen we were driving in it seemed that every corner had either a yoga studio or juicery popping up. This was encouraging, and I ended up visiting a few. East Nashville is fun because there is so much going on in the neighborhood (bars, music venues, restuarants, shopping)  and its pretty easily accessible. Garrett and I had rented a car, which he took to work everyday, and left Lew and I walking to many of our destinations. I found a couple " main drags" which would be our go to places throughout the week.

To do/eat

Pinewood social for brunch and bowling: I definitely ate 5000 calories of deliciousness and washed it down with a frosty IPA. Just when I was teetering on the idea of an afternoon nap, a bowling lane opened and a challenging game of toddler bowling commenced. It was adorable and actually really great day for the whole Family.

Lockewood Table for dinner: Welcoming staff, with such great menu. Even as I'm writing this my stomach is rumbling. Anywhere from a the chefs creative pizza of the night, to the fresh catch of the day, you can't go wrong dining here. We ate here twice!

Henrietta Red for dinner: Long list of raw bar items, you might even thing you were in New England ;) Small plates fun for sharing. The cauliflower steak and lamb sausage were both tastier than anticipated.

Bolton's fried fish and chicken for Lunch: When you walk into the place, you kind of feel like you need to wash your hands, however when your order of fried catfish comes out, those feelings quickly fade. Some good southern soul food, for the anti-dieter LOL

The Urban Juicery (more my speed): Health shots, smoothies, cold pressed juices, and "build your own" lunch bowl. Quick and easy stop for us to replenish and sip on something good for the body.

Basement East for live music. Our fellow Bostonians (the band RIPE) happens to be playing here so we had to catch their show. Just like any dark and dingy bar music venue. You'll surely have fun after you throw back a couple tequila and sodas. 

Shelby Bottoms Park- Play ground, and awesome jogging trails. It was a couple miles from our spot so we only went one day but It was enjoyable for the whole family

Burger Up- Gourmet burger and tasty cocktails. does it get much better than that? Im usually not a red meat and fried food eater but I had a "cheat day" and I'm glad it was at burger Up. The fried pickles were just lightly fried and still very flavorful. The fried oysters.. well need I say more?


Lets talk shopping, because you know thats my favorite part. First off, I'm not in Nashville to shop. They don't have Gucci, Saks, rag and bone down the street for me to leisurely drop 2k at. Instead I had to figure something else out. What I DIDN'T know about East Nashville was that the vintage store selection is ON POINT. I've spend the last couple days poking through 6 different vintage shops finding little treasures. There are many more than 6, but these were all relatively close to me and also spoke to me more than the others. So in no particular order here is my list with descriptions.

Good Buy Girls

You may have heard of them, but I hadn't. I actually stumbled in here by accident, but was pleasantly surprised. The selection is not huge, but well curated. Specializing in very adorable/unique cowboy boots. They carry some new items as well that are scattered around the store. They've been featured in Conde Naste + a plethora of other magazines for their taste. I had my eye on a pair of white and turquoise Elvis Presley cowboy boots, but they were a hair to small. But don't worry I still left with some adorable vintage frye boots. I'll be doing some posts with. Also had my eye on a vintage Marilyn Monroe t-shirt, and a red silk kimono. But this place was not started by a fool. All of their items are priced high. Not too high, but high enough to make you want to explore some other options which leads us into...

The Hip Zipper

Rewind probably another 15 to 20 years. This place is proper vintage. You most likely won't recognize any of the brand names, but the store is riddled with hidden gems. Jewelry, belts, shoes, and lots of POLYESTER. They carry both men and womens. I looked for Garrett here, but didn't find anything his style. I ended up leaving with a chain link belt that will add something to any outfit. It was here where they handed me a print out of 30 vintage stores in east and west Nashville. 

Fanny's Music Shop and Vintage Clothing

Legit more a music shop, but in the center contains a very adorable section of vintage clothing. Also really well curated, this place a small men and women's section. I eyed a pair of overalls, but Lewis had found a KAZOO at this point. Doors to lesson rooms started to open so I picked out a pair of round oversize pink glasses and a printed scarf. I also got a couple of political pins for my man candy because you know..


More of a hair salon, but their section of vintage is definitely something to check out if you are having that kind of day. Only womens clothing here.  You are more likely to find some brand name items here. You don't have to sift around to much because you can pretty much tell the style of all the clothing they carry. 90's maayyyybe some 80's trendy items. I eyed some Ferragamo heels, but they weren't my size so then I walked over too....

Star Struck Vintage

Here's a place where you can put some time in. Racks of vintage furs, leathers, boots, dresses, and mens clothing line the walls and crowd the room. You have to do some digging to find something that will strike a cord. At this point I was searching for my dream pair of cowboy boots, so I skipped eyeing the racks for vintage band tees. Though I saw some hanging on the walls. Prices are not as high as the others.

The Black Shag

I had Garrett drop me off at this one because it was a little further away. I'm glad I did. Its definitely worth the extra half mile it took me out of my way. Well organized, friendly, and they got good stuff. BUNCH of levies, pretty fairly priced ( you won't be paying what you would at goodwill but thats why you're at a vintage shop right) Lots of western inspired clothing. Vests, hats, turquoise jewelry. I enjoyed just perusing there for a while. They had some pretty dresses too. I saw a diamond and some sort of silver cobra necklace for $200 I was tempted by, but in the end decided I wasn't a "cobra wearing" kind of girl. Left with a pair of Levis I paid $40 for. 

I would definitely come back to Nashville. I did not get to hit the night life scene as I may have a few years ago, but it's hard to miss. Bars upon bars line the streets. All inviting, and almost all with live music. Some day when Lewis is a little older and doesn't require me to lay down next to him while he falls asleep. I may be more prone to heading out for a night on the town.