Happy birthday Lewis

My son will be two tomorrow. His birthday has become my birthday. My excitement and to make a day special for him makes my heart full. He's only turning two, so no parties this year. Just my baby. A moment to celebrate and look back on the last two years. 

Lewis sleeps with me every night and tonight is not any different. He lies next to me now snoring softly and occasionally turning positions. If I could stay frozen in a few moments in my life, snuggling next to my boy would be one of them. I just got done going through my phone. Looking at the day Lewis was born. Those tender fragile months where he was so small. Those long sleepless nights. Those early days where a coo and a little grunt wrenched my heart in pure emotion. It is so odd how much a little baby can occupy every little ounce of joy you thought you could ever have. I go further back in my photos and look at the ones where my belly is swollen with Lewis. Thinking of those last few months of pregnancy. My body looking so full of life. It sounds cheesy, but there is this glowing beauty around pregnant women that continues to mesmerize me after my own. And tomorrow marks that two year period of when Lewis joined us on earth. How lovely my life has been since he has been born, doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of what this day means to me. It is Lewis' birthday, but I can't help but have it be the most important day of my life as well. I never deserved a special boy like my son, but I have him now, and for that I thank God. I know every parent sets out to raise their kid the best they can, but I TRULY pray I can raise Lewis the way he deserves. Because at this moment, and I hope for the rest of my life, I feel the greatest honor to be his mom. He's changed my life, altered my path, has taught me the meaning of life. My one of a kind, full of light little boy.  


It's his actual birthday and we didn't celebrate with a party today other than a piece of yummy cake and a few presents. But I did want to share some gifts that I received from family that were great ideas. I also wanted to share what Garrett and I got him. 

1. Baby enamel plate, bowl, cup set from Golden Rabbit.

2. Dr. Seuss "Happy birthday baby" book

3. battery powered tractor and animal set. He loves the moving tractors

These are recommendations that I got on twitter, that I went ahead and got!

1. Little boy underwear!

2. Aiming potty training set

3.Scooter. He already had one, but I took the seat off and he is starting to love to ride it!

4. I got him some plane crib sheets because he loves planes so much!

And for his big gift we got him a Berg Buzzy nitro go cart! We got this so he can ride it around the yard at the cape (since there is not a lot of sidewalks)