Going on tour with Garrett and the baby is like a roller coaster. Up the coast down the coast, dip into a night of fun, come out of the night of fun tunnel feeling like you’re going to pass out. Ya get what I mean? But truly, I would give anything to be able to be together as a family for any amount of time. So there we were. Getting ready to leave the next day, when we realize how massive of a storm is about to hit so we better GTFO out of town and fly that night. So we did. A post gym sweaty me ran around the house trying to get some of my outfits for some of the only nights out I'll have in March. We pull it off, In two middle seats, in front of one another and with a 30 lb + Lewis on my lap. Surprisingly, the flight went well enough to stop at in n out Burger on the way down to San Juan Capistrano. Who needs sleep when you have a rambunctious toddler keeping you on your toes? Not to mention the aroma of a perfectly juicy cheeseburger. We woke up at the double tree with lovely views of the room across the way. And just my luck a sports team happen to be in the surrounding rooms. We woke up with continental breakfast and coffee to hydrate on. To have a bonus day off with Garrett was great and so we peddled/electric biked all the nook and crannies in Dana Point. Lewis falling asleep in the basket behind me and not having to pedal up any hills, is a real dream come true. A show and a day drive later we were in LA. Where time was limited but we made it to soho house for a quick bite. While souncheck I managed to get my hair washed, cut and blown dry all the while having a Lewis on my lap. I like to think I’m talented at baby wrangling. My hair dresser, who I imagine just wanted to party with the rest of his entourage in the salon, was not as impressed. And just when they thought they lost us and we walked out of the salon, we realized we were down a shoe. A hundred dollar hair product guilt purchase later, we had all four shoes and rushed to the hotel room to meet the sitter. Don't think I left the hotel room without ordering a 40 dollar pizza the size of my palm for Lewis and I to share. My room service experiences don't match the ones I'm seeing on instagram. hmmmmm. 

It wasn’t until we got to Solana Beach where we had a three lovely night stint in the same hotel room. I don’t know if you ever plan to visit Solana Beach/Del Mar area, but I will say it’s quite charming. I’d describe it charming, a bit sleepy, and a lot pretty. It’s not my first time there, and I generally keep to our general area of activity, but I wanted to share some of my favorite spots.

For drinks: Carruth Winery. So casual and fun. I felt like I stepped into a family gathering where my drunk cousins were singing Adele at the top of their lungs, but really it was just the wine makers. 

Belly Up- The real reason why we were their! Garrett played two nights and the atmosphere never disappoints. Raging crowd, dive bar feel, great sound. It’s a definite party you don’t want to miss. And during the day they actually have great food. Not just bar food!


For coffee: Cafe Madeleine: Civilized lunch and cafe latte? This place was a nice surprise. I was just walking down the street thinking how badly I needed caffeine and boom. Cafe Madeleine appeared with a delicious menu full of thousands of calories and promises of satisfaction. Authentic French cafe filled with French goodies to peruse as you wait in line. 

Lofty Coffee: This place is just as civilized, but here I didn’t feel as though I might disturb a nice woman trying to enjoy her tea with my screaming child. Most of the cafe is outside with covered tables. Seat yourself and enjoy delicious baked goods and the coffee favorites you know and love. 

To shop for: We all know this is a big one for me. So, for women’s clothing I found Pink Lagoon and Tucci. Similar, but tucci definitely seemed higher end. Pink Lagoon was boho with some fun jewelry and even a high end consignment area in the back. Ills Johnson, mih, 3x1, Monrow. Just to name a few. 

Solo on Cedros: Very cute home foods and anitques. Something for many walks of life to spend their money on. But they do have a well curated kids section. We like to go into these places and get ideas for something we might find later. Shhh.  

To eat. Claire’s on Cedros yum yum. Perfect brunch spot.

Brigantine: nice restaurant but still kid friendly!

This is what you do when you forget a stroller

This is what you do when you forget a stroller