Valentines Gift Guide

photo By Ash Soong.

photo By Ash Soong.

Hate Valentines? Me too. Or at least I used too! not any more though. I actually thoroughly enjoy picking something out for Garrett. It's a good reminder that I do in fact still notice him, and not just Lewis ;) Now this goes without saying, but I am no master of what boyfriends and husbands want as a gift. But I've had a lot of trial and error over the years and all the things on this list are things that Garrett has genuinely asked for, or I have gotten and he hasn't hated ;) I'll be posting my personal valentines wishlist as well later this week. HINT HINT.

For HIM!

Less than a $100

1. Stance Socks. My man is always asking for new fun socks. Here are a few of my favorites.

Dillon Socks , Stacked socks

2. Winter accessories. Leather gloves or a scarf

Cashmere Scarf

3. Suggestive Little things. Baron Von Fancy, an artist you may know of, come out with some super cute and quite hilarious. 

"screw me" screwdriver

"get me wet" sponges

"turn me on" light switch cover. 

These are just a few here is more on the website.

4. Favorites sports team gear.

Linking to my fave company HERE who had high quality products 

5. Tickets to your favorite musician! ;)

linking to my favorite musician here. 

OVER $100 Sugar MAMA

1. Leather Good. Garretts Personal FAVE

Gucci Wallet 

2. If he's a hat guy a new hat. Garretts favorite hat maker is brass rooster. He does custom hats.

Brnass Rooster

3. SONOS room speakers. OR Bose wireless headphones. We are obsessed with ours. 

SONOS Speakers

4. Waltzing Matilda leather goods are SO GOOD. They have some options under $100!

waltzing Matilda

5. Sherpapa gear. Good for the dads out there <3




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