Spring Wish list

The weather was nice one day this week, and I'm already itching to buy new bikinis and sandals. Legit Im obsessing over the new Ulla Johnson suede sandals. It was 50 degrees out today. Someone please give me a dose of reality because this "Summer in February" mentality of mine needs to be nipped in the butt, before I show up to work in a summer dress. One way I figured can be a healthy way of getting all summer fantasies out of my system, is making a spring wishlist. Here are just a few things! They're will definitely be a summer one as well!

 A new white every day bag. Ive chosen these, and I got one but it's a special surprise.

1. Chloe "Marcie" Bag

2. Sam Edelman Imelda mini tote

3. Gucci 

New Sandals/Slides

1. Loving these by Beek

2. Ulla Johnson Ingrid Slides 

3. Free People "Bali Footbed"

Spring/Summer jewelry!-

I have to be honest about this one. There is only one place I've been getting my spring/summer jewelry. Its this woman who handmakes it on Kauai. It's the only company I can wear in the shower, working out, and everyday and I don't feel like its going to break off or be too much. I'm linking to her site here! Mystic Rose Apothecary and Jewelry

A Spring Jacket that is not leather or denim!

I have a leather and denim that I love, and plan on using all the time. However I want to have something else. Something to throw on when I'm walking to the gym or just running to do a quick errand. I found these.

1. Save the Duck quilted jacket

2. Zara Blazer 

3. All off duty bomber

Some Culotte Pants

1. Zara

2. J brand

Beauty Products

1. New lipstick. Neutral tone

2. Sunless tanner to get ready for summer! I'm choosing to use the lancome, I'll let you know how it goes.

3. Arcona Wine Oil Seasons changing makes my skin go DRY stay hydrated with this light oil. It makes my skin feel awesome.

4. Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer

New Spring hat! Here are some of my favorite designers/types right now!

1. Nautical hat (zara)

2. Janessa Leon wide brim 

3. Eugenia kim. pretty much can never go wrong

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