Building a Home- The foundation

Some of you may know me more personally than others. So I want to start out explaining what exactly building a home means to me. As some of you may know, I did not grow up in the most conventional household. But who really does these days? Starting at a young age, my siblings and  I were moved around a lot. This was due to my late mothers illness and a handful of unfortunate events. Bless my mothers soul, I miss her so dearly. Someday I will share the story of Lynelle, my mother, but today I am not ready. Anyways, growing up, I feel like I had many homes. I got to spend some time with amazing families who all wanted to help. I'm thankful for them and those experiences, for it has made me the strong woman I am today. However, I missed a place to belong. Feeling like a guest gets old. But I do have to say, it kept me on my toes on keeping a clean room, and doing my dishes ;) A month here, a couple months there, until I eventually moved to NYC. And not much changed there either. A model apartment here, a month sublet there, until I finally had a long term situation and it was going great. That was until, the whole building sold to a wealthy Russian man who wanted to do renovations. And then came Lew. Which moved me to Boston where Garrett had owned his apartment since we started dating. I threw old things out, and spruced up what needed sprucing, but most of it was already done. And then the cape hit us. It was a sort of love affair that kind of snuck up on us. But when it did, we were goners. And so the search started, to find a place to call our own. A year went buy, a property slipped through our fingers, and we were feeling a bit disheartened. Until the most beautiful property of all briefly came on the market. I still remember when our realtor sent us the listing. We were driving to the airport in Hawaii , a trip we took for Aiden's spring break. The house was antique but we loved it anyways. And almost a year later, it was ours. So now another year later, and we are still as in love with it now as we were then, but we've decided to "expand the property family" and build a small one bedroom cottage. It's our baby. Our project. We get to pick every last thing out. From the wood floors, to the size of the windows. The stove, faucets, wash machine, and deck. All decisions that exude our personal preference and taste. Our home! That we are (not physically) building from the ground up. And as we start this I feel so inclined to document, and if you feel so inclined to read, then to share. So look for the "Building a home" posts for updates, products we liked, things we found helpful, and the process in general. 

Like I said, it is just a one bedroom, one bathroom cottage. But Garrett, Aiden, and I are putting 100 percent love into it as if it were a mansion. We've decided to go a more modern route. It's a one story with big windows so we don't miss a second of the view we are so crazy about. Although we are still in the early stages, I have started to do some research on faucets, sinks, light fixtures, ceiling fans, and the list goes on! If anyone has any tips let us know:) I'm looking on etsy for some of the small stuff. Our idea is to have the inside modern and industrial. Exposed piping shower and towel racks. 

So far the foundation is poured, the plans are set, and the plywood is up! I can't wait to continue to document this journey. It may just be building a home, but to us it's building a future, expanding our family, and seeing long  time dreams and visions come true.

Thanks for reading xo