Happy New Years old lady

Ah- loha happy New Year


I love Hawaii. I love traveling in general, but especially when I get to go somewhere warm and it’s single digits back home. If you don’t know me and just think I’m some girl who gets to live a constant vacation, well you're half right. My boyfriend Garrett is a musician. So he is working all these shows and we get to come along to spend family time. Garrett is so often away from home so that when a trip is conducive to us coming along we hop a plane. So here we are again in Oahu on the North shore at turtle bay resort. I do want to add that it was a 15 (at least) hour travel day and the older Lewis gets the harder it is. That’s ok though because when we get to where we are going it’s amazing and worth every hour..kind of. 


So Garretts working and Lewis is jet lagged. So fun. Waking up at 3am, 4am, and 5am  isn’t something I usually care to do, but it was kind of fun to be up when it’s still dark out (NOT REALLY). Since Garrett is working and needs his sleep more than I do, we do what we can. A well rested daddy is a happy daddy. But in all seriousness, after the initial exhaustion has died down and the sun rises, which to be quite honest I’m loving the morning sun, Lewis and I hit the beach just us two. It’s still pretty quiet out so we don’t share the beach with too many others. We make coral rock statues and dig holes and I get to see my kid. Really see him. See him without any distractions. See his personality. And spend time with him and I’m happy. We have company from a monk seal and I pretty much think it’s 5pm because we’ve been up so long but it’s only 11am. 



I love Garrett. I really do. Sometimes I forget how cute he is when sleeps so long and then immediately goes surfing when he wakes up. But I remind myself I’ll see the cute part really soon. So it’s NYE and as I get older and motherhood has taken up most of the room in my life, (because I let it and want it too) NYE late night partying doesn’t appeal to me as much anymore. But Garrett is playing with Ozomotli tonight. I want to swoon over him on stage and have a margarita or two. And after said margaritas I have the urge to plant a big one on him at midnight. And that’s exactly what I do. And then quickly run upstairs and go to sleep so I can have another sunrise sesh with the second man in my life. 


Happy New Years.

x K