Takes a Village (winter edition)

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Coat is SAM  Boots are Sorel 

Coat is SAM

Boots are Sorel 

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find a village 

I lived in nyc for 4 and half years while Garrett and I were dating. I'd fly out to tour with him and also visit him in Boston often, but my home and career was in New York. It was a great time in my life while I modeled and ran around the city being young and free. I had loads of friends and always something to do. When we found out about Lewis I moved to Boston. Which is a great city, however for me, I found it a bit difficult to make friends with other new moms. It wasn’t until we spent our whole summer in Orleans, Massachusetts where I felt like I found my village. At first we spent a lot of time with Garrett's family who we would stay with.  But now I come down to the cape anytime I can. We bought our own house and plan to move down there in a year. We have found our friends and where we want to raise our child(ren). Where we want to build our dream home and grow old. Where I picture myself in the next 5 years. In the yard with Lewis catching frogs and maybe baby number two slung around my hip. It finally feels like home. As much as we get to travel with Garrett, we are also home without him. The long tour on the bus is a grueling one and no place for a tiny terror who still wakes up numerous times in the middle of the night. We miss our man of the house and definitely look for things to pass the time while we are apart.


I took a hike with some friends today. After being indoors recuperating with Lewis in Miami and then in the cold city, I was ready to appreciate some beauty on the cape. And it did not disappoint. The cape itself is filled with so many hidden trails, coves, ponds, conservation land, it’s really such a special place to us. I have not even begun to tap into all the secret spots. But with a little help from our friends, I've started making a list of all my favorite slices of heaven. Today we hiked around a sparkling pond. The water gently lapping at a the sandy beaches around the edges. The ponds are so clear and beautiful they almost look warm. But the wind rolling off them biting at our cheeks reminds us of the season we are in. We take turns carrying Lewis and I credit the hike for my workout today. The other kids run ahead of us jumping out to scare us later and they’re free spirited attitude puts all us in good moods. The beginning of winter can be a challenging time but if you make a point to get you and your kids out of the house and get some fresh air you might just feel as energized as I did.

I’m making a list of my winter to do list so I don’t get the winter blues. Scroll down for some of my brainstorming.

I'm open to suggestions!!


Book club

Cooking classes or at least trying to recipes once or twice a week


Take a new fun exercise class

Bring Lewis to a playgroup

Perhaps learning another language

Take day trips or overnights with Lewis-

Rhode Island, NYC, Maine?