A weekend in NYC


OH my lands. 

It feels SO good to be back in the city. It's like I just shed 5 years, and I'm back to the ripe age of 19. But then I break out of my day dream as I'm walking off the platform with a baby, a stroller, a huge luggage ( for one weekend), a diaper bag, a snack bag, a backpack , and don't even get me started on the baggage you can't see ;)


Here we are with Lewis. Who barely took a nap, and did not get to sleep till late last night. I've already had a babysitter booked for the first day. I get in on train, uber to my appointment and meet the sitter there. Thank the Lord uber has "uber carseat". Ive never met this sitter but she seems ready to take the reigns on our crazy family. I leave her to go in the uber to the hotel with my suitcase, and the most important little being in my life. Mommy mode to business woman. Here we go as we discuss my friends new company called casting coin. I find myself loving the adult conversation. As all us moms know, conversation with a 2 year old just doesn't cut it sometimes. .And if I haven't downed a mini fireball yet at this point I'm sure to after this meeting. I then have the rest of the evening to do whatever, until I relieve the sitter. I meet with an old friend, and have the same New York dinner we would have had 4 years ago. Despite the shitty service, the food tastes just like a NYC top restaurant should. I cut my evening short as I know I have a restless Lewis waiting in my closet-like hotel room. My little boy knows that it is the city that never sleeps. Finally getting him down at 11. Get ready, I tell myself, It's only day one!


Now its a glorious Friday and the weather has been kind. I don't think I've seen this much sun since we were in Hawaii, and all of our spirits are high. Those of us that are awake that is. Garrett tends to sleep much later than a 2 year old. That's ok though because I'm in NYC and have a ton of things I want to do. When I say a ton, I mean mainly, I want to shop and sip some cocktails in between each store. And when I say NYC, I really mean Williamsburg, which is an awesome place to stay, especially with the fam. BUT that means everytime we go to the city, we are making a trip over the bridge which is not long, but kind of Is when you have a toddler that still naps. So Friday is more like we go on one outing in Brooklyn. We walk the streets hand and hand, life is good. We got to Smoochie baby. Garrett picks out a shirt for Lewis, which I think is the most adorable thing ever, and we wind up at Marlowe and sons. It's cozy, and theres an open table so we snag it and begin out NYC cheat day weekend. Jk actually that day we were pretty good;) Add another awesome meal to that equation and I'm as happy as I would have been spending the rest of my savings in soho shopping. 


The night approaches us faster than we think and it's my night off! I look over the carefully curated outfits in my suitcase and all of a sudden I have nothing to wear. All the diligent matching and outfit picking I did goes out the window, and I sincerely forget how to dress myself. I end up wearing one of the less flashy outfits. I see to the sitter has everything she needs and all of a sudden I'm as confident as peacock, and maybe as obnoxious as one too after I finish my first cocktail. Please note, no longer do I drink very often. I may have one beer or glass of wine, so said cocktail does do a dilly on me and I'm ready to call it a night at midnight. Hoping to feel refreshed for our Manhattan outing tomorrow too.

IMG_2142 2.jpg

We actually made it to the city today! HELLO!

Just a little quickie for my girl NYC, and we head back to BK. Garrett was working the entire trip, so things were tight and we wanted to cherish the time we had together. And that we did.


We did get to go visit one of our favorite galleries in NYC. Canada Gallery, and pick up a piece of art that we bought. PLUS Katherine Bernhardt has a show up there, and it's AMAZING. She's so talented and her work is so unique.

IMG_2123 3.jpg

Back to Brooklyn and another great performance by my lover, and I'm swelling with pride. He is so completely talented and I have so much respect for him. Even after all these years;) We end up calling that night a late one ending up at The Flower Shop. I go to bed way to late, woke up way to early, and forgot my laptop at the hotel. YEAH I KNOW. I just got it back today and I'm so happy. Garrett, if you're reading this, it's your fault ;);)