Snow (but really rain) day

I'm not going to lie it's been a transition to go from constantly traveling with Lewis, to now, having to stay put in our apartment for days. Of course we go do things, but we aren't down at the beach every morning, or exploring the new place we may have been. We are in the city and its COLD! Except for two days last week is was 60 degrees. And as in true toddler fashion, Lewis has had a never ending cold/cough that we've been battling since we were in Hawaii. So we've been staying in often, eating lots of soups and taking many steam showers. I don't personally mind these things. I'm soaking in the moments of him snuggled up to me with a bottle. ( I know we are getting rid of it this week:O) His persistent demands for attention and love. They make every cell in my body alert and focused with one thing. One natural instinct to take care of my baby. 

How to avoid turning the tv on? So on the day of rest and lots of time to fill I opened my toddler emergency kit and took out the watercolors. And they were a hit! I thought maybe he'd be to young for them. But my son is an artist prodigy. The next Picasso I'll tell ya. 

I just ordered these paints supplies from amazon linking to everything below

I also Got this kids craft table from Costco for 50$ and it's awesome! ( you need a membership, I refuse to get one until I have another kid)




Paint that comes in a tray

Photos from yesterday..


Sometimes these short days and long winter nights I tend to get inside my head. It's just Lewis and I, our lives taking a complete 180 from the last month and I start to think to much. To much about what I want, what I'm scared of, who I miss, how to be better, how to do better. I think it's good to have these thoughts sometimes, but it can be all consuming at times. I found that a mindless activity like working on a painting helps me get out of that. So here we are, Lewis and I sitting here together painting. Content. That's what I felt today. From after breakfast to nap time the painting was a hit and surprisingly not too much of a mess. Lewis loved the colors. He'd go through them fast and kept on asking for more. Motherhood is kind of like reliving childhood. And for that, I'm thankful. Seems like childhood goes by way to fast. 

Some photos from today...

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