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Sunnies are  Marc Jacobs  and swimsuit  American apparel.   They don't have red anymore though.

Sunnies are Marc Jacobs and swimsuit American apparel.  They don't have red anymore though.


Hey Mexico, it's been exactly a year since we've been here last. Closer to the Sun is a destination festival Garrett plays and it has brought us back. This is the 4th year and its crazy to think about the progression of my activities here in the last four years. Not pregnant, pregnant, baby Lewis, Toddler Lewis. Every year has been great in its own way but as it always seems to do, life just keeps on getting better with little Lew in it. I love to see the music, be a supportive honey and of course party in Mexico at an all inclusive resort. But what I love most, is teaching Lewis new things and experiencing life with him. It sounds cheesy and cliche so lets not pretend it's not all frozen margaritas while my kid plays at my feet. It's more like an hour of making sure he doesn't drown and then chilling in my room while lewis naps. But its good.


This year we definitely did get to do a little more now that Lewis is a little person and not a like a little tadpole. One of those things was participating with Positive legacy! Positive Legacy is an amazing organization that is in involved with some of the musical events at these resort. They basically tells there story and inspire people to help out and donate.. The trip we did was to help build and paint a school. The charity Positive Legacy brought a bus full of people who PAID there way to go do service work for a local children’s school. These people are on vacation and they chose to serve those who are less fortunate; that's pretty cool. We went for half a day and I immediately wished I would have done the full day. The school house is small but charming and also serves as a storm shelter. It was colorfully painted by people of the last service trips and ours. Some communities in Mexico do not get government funding for schools because they are still apart of the ancient Mayan tribes and the big financial burden falls on these small communities. They thanked everyone with a traditional Mayan dance with all the kids dressed up and performed there practiced dance. Sometimes I need a reminder of what’s necessary in life and what is just a luxury. Click here to check out all that they do!

Garrett's face in this one makes me love him anymore + Lewis. are you kidding me

Garrett's face in this one makes me love him anymore + Lewis. are you kidding me

on the beach with my beach baby. Coverup is  Melissa Odabash  

on the beach with my beach baby. Coverup is Melissa Odabash 

Things to note that still happen in Mexico:



awesome hammocks

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