200 some days for my skin goals cc: RN esthetics

I want to preface this by saying, I’m not completely vain. Yes I want my 18 year old self skin back, but am I realistic about that happening. Absolutely. Yes I love myself, yes Garrett loves me just the way I am, and yes I know I can’t stop from aging. But I can sure delay it! I do things solely because they make me feel good. I go the gym, I eat healthy, and I take care of my skin. FOR ME.

I believe what I put in my body is as important as what I use on the outside. I try to drink at least 2 liters of water (that’s a lot but I work out most days too). Take collagen supplement( vital proteins ) most mornings with my coffee. To be completely honest, If you ask me if I notice a difference, I would say I’m not sure. But I think it benefits more than just my skin. And I try to take a vitamin supplement every morning. I vary my supplements from a prenatal vitamin (you can still take even if you aren’t pregnant or planning to be). And sometimes I’ll take a biotin supplement, or just a regular multivitamin.l. I think trying to get most of my vitamins from my diet is important, although im no dietician and not there yet.

Now getting to what I put on my face and what I do to it. I admit i’m not as religious as I would like to be but, I am determined for the next 200 odd days to stay on a regiment and continue to nurture my face with regular facials and treatments. Why now? Well i’ll walk down an aisle towards the man who holds my heart, in front of all my friends in family Today marks where I am starting my skin journey. I went to RN esthetics in Salem today and made a comprehensive plan of some age defying treatments they offer. You can check out all of their offerings here.

For me specifically what I am looking to do in the next months.

Age defy/preventative care: I specifically told them I what I wanted, was to look like I’m 20 (or my skin) walking down the aisle. This is what they recommended

Hydrafacial every 4-6 weeks. That’s what I got today and it feels so good! I added the derma-planing (which I have never had before) and it really felt like I got months of dirt and dead skin off. My pores look and feel so clean and small. My face feels plumper and really deeply hydrated. If you have gotten one before you know exactly what I’m talking about it almost feels like a reset. Read here to learn more about

Botox: I know that this one has a lot of mixed review. It’s most definitely not natural skin care! However I’ve been getting botox ( a small amount) for almost 2 Years and I really enjoy the effects it has on my skin. I’m a mom and sometimes I don’t get enough sleep and lets face it moms, sometimes our kids age us a bit. I get my botox usually every 4-6 months. Whenever I feel like my lines are starting to come back.. Today I got it in between my eyebrows and my upper forehead.

Address my under eye concerns: For some people fillers is an option. it’s not for me, right now. But they did recommend a “vampire facial” for pretty much all my aging concerns. If you haven’t heard of a vampire facial you can read more about it here. This is 100% on my list of things I would love to try. I’ve heard only great things about it. It’s next on what I’d love to do.

I also purchased retinol cream from RN Esthetics by skin medica. I look forward to seeing how my skin reacts to this new products.

One important thing about skin care is to keep up your daily routine. These are what I’m using and loving right now

chantacaille vital essence serum

ReVive anti aging eye serum

Natura bisse essential shock intense cream


SKII cleanser

Kelsey Lauren