Happiness is healthy


I haven’t wrote in a while. Its almost intimidating, sitting down again with the intention of writing something meaningful. I suppose I’ll start with this summer. 


This summer flew by in such a flash. The first half filled with Garrett’s solo tour, and the second half dedicated to planning the success of the Cape Cod Roots and Blues festival. If you aren’t local to cape cod, you may not know. But Garrett, and his team behind him at Philadelphonic, worked tirelessly to start a festival on cape cod. The one day festival was a day full of music by 4 artists curated by Garrett, including Garrett. Garrett’s sister and I were in charge of the sponsors. It was a labor of love and we look forward to doing it again. What I didn’t realize, with so much of my time being wrapped up with this event, I lost some of my summer. Not too much. 


It’s interesting you know. I started off this summer with such high goals for my health and workout routine, and abided by it almost by none. Ill admit, there were times when I felt slightly disappointed in myself that I was not hitting these goals, but in the end my desire for freedom seemed to take over. It’s not that I didn’t work out, or ate wendy’s everynight. But I did choose the beach over a barre session, stopped training so hard for my half marathon, and had the occasional bag of chips on the beach. I don’t regret any of these things. In fact, I think I would have felt regret, if I hadn’t enjoyed these simple pleasures. I’ve found, since having my son, that my desires and wants, have changed drastically. I love my family, and in the end I want to be with them, enjoy meals with them, and not always be worried about a strict diet or workout routine. 


With all of this being said, I am still pretty adamant about making it to the gym, at least 3-4 times a week. And I try to stay away from foods that don’t make me feel my greatest, or foods that I know aren’t so good for me. But ultimately I’ve learned, to make myself happy. To love myself even when my arms start to lose some definition from lack of attention at the gym. Love myself even after pasta carbonara and everything seems to fit a little tighter. To love myself even though my legs aren’t vistoria secret toned.  It’s being happy and comfortable in life that sets this freedom for me. I’m so thankful and blessed that I can say I’ve reached this point of security in my life. I love my family, my body, my life, and the love I receive back. I am happy and healthy.

Kelsey LaurenComment