Working out with an audience

I'll admit, I'm part of a gym now. It makes working out much more....convenient. It also gives me a break. Its a place where I can drop off Lewis (for a max of two hours) while I steam, workout, get a juice. Whatever. Ive learned to even go on the days I don't want to, so Lewis can have some socialization with other kids. He isn't going to preschool yet so it's nice for him to play with kids. 

But I didn't always used to have a gym. And, at the cape, I do not. I have to find little pockets of time where Lewis is kept busy. Whether that's while he is sleeping, or someone else has volunteered responsibility for an hour. It's a lot less motivating. It takes more time and planning. It shouldn't affect the time I cut out for myself, but it ends up happening like that. 

But before I had my gym, and before Lewis was a little person running around all over the place, there was a time where I would take him to workout with me. I would either walk or jog along the river, and stop at the workout station. It was as simple as getting down on the ground and doing sit-ups, push-ups, planks, squats, or whatever! Lew would sit happily in the stroller, babbling away. I would face him towards me on every workout I was doing. Playing peek-a-boo on the Sit-up and engage him during my activities. It was then that I realized, I always want Lewis to know how important that fitness and physical activity is. To his mom, his dad, and to him! 

We are an active family, and I think it is a special thing to share with your kids. I kind of started to forget about this after I signed up for my gym membership. It can also be more tricky during the winter months. But lately, I've made more of an effort to workout with my family. To do jogs to the playground. While Lewis is playing on the jungle gym, I sneak in some ab work. And when he gets older, maybe he is riding his bike alongside of me. OR maybe it's a paddle board with his dad. Maybe it'a going on hikes. Playing tennis, soccer, swimming, whatever it is!

What I really am trying to say, is that if I (you) make physical activity apart of our lives, it makes staying in shape easier for the whole family. It's good to be in a place where your kids know and respect what you're trying to do. And if your kids are young enough, they will expect it from you. Lewis will grow up watching me workout, and playing sports with me! It's fun to already watch him engage and try to do what I do! 

What sports do you do with your kids?

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