Summer Diet Goals

OK! I told you this was coming, it might be a couple days later but I want to get this down on paper before I continue to cheat on my diet. We had a couple family get togethers this weekend and my in laws know hot to eat gourmet lovely food. Who am I to turn down blue cheese on freshly baked bread. Or a perfectly good meat and cheese tray? So I definitely felt a little down that I had such a slip up, but I'm ready to commit to a healthy eating (and drinking) summer!

Everyone's diets are different. I do what I think is best for body. It's been a lot of trial and error. What meals keep my metabolism in order, what bloats me, what makes me feel like shit.... These are all things I am constantly thinking about throughout the day as I pick and choose things to snack on. 

Past summers, I have let my body down. Eating way to much processed foods. Snacking on potato chips all day at the beach. Drinking beer all day, sweet on sweets on sweets. I'm a sucker for all those things. And it's not easy for me to say no. I see some people post their diets saying, "I never loved fast food" But I just want it to be known, that french fries and pasta carbonara may be my most favorite things in the world. And I will never fully give those up unless it's life threatening. So Im going to post my goals. I might not reach them every week, but if I can have some guidelines and self check myself, it's better than nothing.

Breakfast Options : Eggs

 GF toast with almond butter and fruit,

Protein Shake (organic, GF, sugar free, dairy Free

I typically eat eggs every morning. Since I am active, I need the protein. If anyone has any other breakfast options I'm all ears!


Tofu on salad. 

My salad usually consists of: cucumbers, red onions, avocado, spinach, spring greens, chickpeas, tomato. This obviously changes with what I have in my fridge but something along these lines. 

Salad with smoked salmon

Salad with a piece of fruit and almond butter

Protein Shake (if I didn't have for breakfast)

Three Bean Soup

Super green soup

Cauliflower soup

You can pretty much google all of these soups. They have recipes all over the Internet. Sometimes ill put the soup with a salad.

Dinner: Here is where I get a little more lenient on my meats. If Garrett is home and wants a steak, OK. But it will be grass fed, organic and served with veggies.

Protein + 2 veggies ( or more)

For my Veggies: Spinach, broccolini, mushrooms, kale, beats, cauliflower, arugula, beans, (just to name a few)

Protein: Organic steak, fresh fish, organic pork. 

When Garret isn't home I try to make more vegan dishes with brown rice/quinoa. 

My goal is to follow this Daily. Except on weekends, I'm going to allow myself to have a cheat day/ and maybe a cheat meal on the second day. 

For drinking alcohol- I want to limit myself to 2 nights a week of having a couple glasses of wine or cocktail. And the rest of the week having just one or none alcoholic beverages with dinner. 

Share your goals! I want to hear. And Also still looking for good vegan recipes!

Holla at me!