My Review on Peach Spring Athleisure

Hi guys! Im excited to write a review on and tell you about some of my favorite pieces of Peach athleisure spring line. "California Dreaming". I feel like I'm constantly buying new activewear. Just when I find a pair that I like, I wear them out, or the season changes. And To be completely honest, I wear yoga pants and sports bras more than anything else. I like to workout everyday. And sometimes I'm not sure when exactly I will get that workout in. It might be at the end of the day, or half way through the afternoon. And then Sometimes I don't get to shower afterwards. So I literally end up wearing my athletic outfit all day long. And I'm not to upset about it because I get to stay comfortable. 

When Discover Peach and I decided to work together, I was stoked. Happy to try some new products and see a Boston based company. I have got to try 4 pieces. I chose these pieces because I wanted to try different articles of clothing. How their shirts feel, yoga pants feel, cropped leggings, and dress feel. So I'm happy to report back and show you guys some pictures on how it actually looks during a workout, or in everyday life. 

So here are the four pieces I have!


The Reversible Capri Love LOVE LOVE. Maybe my favorite pieces I received. It literally feels like a second skin. It's so smooth and fits snug everywhere. Im a runner, enjoy HIT training. And I also do bar and this legging preforms well on all of them. It stays up, stays tight, feels supportive, and not to mention it is reversible. The other side is just pink!


Focusing on the Tee here. It's called the Savasana Top. I chose this one because I often times need a transition piece. If it's a cool spring morning, and I still want to work out, this is my go to. It has thumb holes (which I love on any long sleeves) and the open bag which is fun and adds some air flow. It's white, which is always tricky for me, but so far the shirt is able to get clean in the wash. I love the detail in the back. You can see in picture below. 


The Recharge legging.  This legging is great. It's definitely more of a barre/yoga legging. The compression doesn't feel as intense as the reversible legging. Which is nice for a different feel and workout. I love the sleek look and the ankle fit. Also feels nice and light on my skin. 


One of my FAVE articles of clothing in my closet right now. NO JOKE. The Malibu Dress.

I probably wear this once a week. It's so effortless, so comfortable, and so cute. It's got pockets for convenience, and a drawstring waist to emphasize your hips. Which I am definitely into using ;) I can't say enough good things about this dress. I put it on in the mornings to run errands, or after a workout. It's light and airy. Perfect for the summer time. It also is easy clean up. I think on the tag it says to not machine wash, but I have a handful of times and it come out looking as good as the day I got it. Highly recommend this piece.


It's also not too  short. You can actually MOVE in it. 

Anyways I hope you guys found this useful.