Summer Fitness Goals

Sometimes I get in a health rut. During the summertime is when I feel It happen the most. Especially when we are traveling, or on the road. All I want to eat is snacks, particularly carbs! And all I want to DO is go to the beach, drink rose (naturally) and chilll the ef out with my friends, family, and dog.

This summer is coming up fast on my heels and I'm excited. Of course I'm excited, ill be going on Garretts summer tour with him. We get to see so many great friends along the road. There is nothing like being with your family, and visiting a bunch of beach towns. What I'm anticipating, and hoping to avoid, is my lack of exercise! I have been doing a great job these last few months with keeping my routines up, and working out every day. It's something I really enjoy. I feel energized, healthy and accomplished when I work out. And of course, Ive already set a few long term goals that I really want to meet. I want to run a half marathon this fall, with a average of 8 minute miles (OR BETTER) This is a high goal for me. I NEED to train if I have any chance of meeting it. 

In hopes to hold myself accountable, I'm making a weekly plan/goal for my summer. It's not a set thing everyday, but overall what I want to see myself accomplishing. I also want to invite anyone else to do it with me! We can hold each other accountable, encourage each other, and share in our struggles and victories. I can't be a trainer, but I can be someone you can relate too. 

I have to admit, I've slacked on my workouts this last week. Not to mention, my diet has been a complete mess. But I want to commit to this weekly goal. I looked at a few other instagram accounts for inspiration. I definitely went to Des Linden's page and was in awe of her devotion to running. Also she is ripped and a machine. She inspires me. She's a freaking bad ass and I want to be a runner. I will never be like Des Linden, but she inspires me to be a better athlete than I am now. 

So I give you MY weekly goal. Remember, everyones goals are different. I am training for a half marathon, so I'll have a lot of running in my weekly plan.;)

In 7 days I want to Accomplish

12 Miles a week. Whether thats all 12 on the elliptical, or 4 on three separate days, or 12 miles road running in one day. Thats my milage goal.

60 minutes /week focused on my arms and abdominals. I know I need to improve from strength here. Again this could be 20 minutes for 3 days a week of however I decide to split the time. I plan on making rough estimates. 

60 minutes a week on yoga. I really want to spend some more time practicing yoga. I always rush through stretching, and I know it's really important. 

90 minutes of barre a week- I still think barre is one of the most Important workouts for me as it works on lengthening the muscles. I'm still modeling, and I don't want my body getting to muscular yet ;)!

This is a rough plan I want to keep in place. I'll also plan on updating you guys as time goes on and what I actually did. I want to hear what you're doing too! 

I'll also be giving an update about my barre class ill be holding at my house this summer. We still have construction going on there, so not quite ready, but I'll keep you in the loop. Subscribe or dm me!

Next week I'll be posting my diet goals. Can't wait to hear your goals!