MY family, my health and fitness, my work, my passions, learning, house work, spirituality. And then going through all of these for my son. 

There are so many things in life we have to balance. And especially as woman. We are expected to do it all! Parent, look good, keep a house and all with a smile on our face. Easier said than done am I right? 

I was writing my last health and fitness post when this word popped in my head. BALANCE. Life is a constant balancing act. One in fact I enjoy, but it's not always easy. Maybe some parts of my week my family takes more of my time and effort, and my health and fitness falls on the back burner. There is not a problem with that. In fact I think family should be priority. But, I can definitely tell when one part of my life isn't getting enough attention. 

When I originally wrote this post out, I gave everyone a play by play. What a normal day in Lewis and I's life looks like. How we try to get playing. learning, healthy meals, and connecting spiritually packed into every day. And to be honest, more than often we fail! And thats called being human. Or maybe thats called being a young mom. Who knows. Not me. I've never tried to say we are doing it perfectly. But I feel pretty da**n good about life right now. My son is happy and thriving. My relationship is stable and full of love. I feel healthy and strong. I'm working a Job I love to do. ( modeling). And I'm writing 3 or 4 times a week (my passion). I feel connected to God. The only one I am most likely lacking in is house work!! LOL. And that's not because I have completely run out of time and ran myself to thin, its merely because I hate it so much. For all you working mamas out there who also hate house work, GET A SITTER WHO CLEANS ON THE SIDE. I have my sitter come for Lew once a week and my gosh is it a dream. To come home to clean house. I may prefer that than dessert, which is saying a lot. 

Mind body soul Balance. 

I wanted to touch on this a little more in depth. I think everyones list of balances is going to be different. We all have different responsibilities and things we want to work on ourselves. However we all do have a mind, body and soul to take care of. If these three components are in the right place, what would be holding us back to succeed in every there aspect of our lives?

These things have become the MOST important to be as Ive become a mother. When I was young and living in NYC, I really had no idea. Had no idea how important it is to take care of every aspect of yourself. For so many reasons! Now, my (and Lewis') diet is carefully made up of organic fresh foods, making sure I get nutrients strait from the source. My fitness routines happen at least 5 times a week. Preventing any injury and giving me energy. and every night before bed, I read or learn. Fufulling my soul and my mind so that no part of me goes to bed restless. 

Do I have slip ups? 100% yes at least once a week. At least once a week I will pig out on cookies after dinner. At least once a week I'll have a couple glasses of wine or 2 or 3. At least once a week I'll stay up to late watching IMPOSTERS (have you guys seen this show its sooo freaking good). And at least once a week I'll snap at one of the people I love most probably because of the cookies or wine. It's all about balance. And you can control that. Now, Make your own list and goals. Where do you see yourself spending to much time now, and where you want to see yourself spending more time?

Questions, comments, advice, I love all of it please leave below!!