All photos in this post are taken by Miss Ashley Soong


Lately, I've been into running. Which is weird, because usually I HATE it. There is nothing that sounds worse to me than a long jog outdoors. And maybe that's what I started doing more of it. 

Ever since I signed up for my gym membership, I take classes. Tabata, boot camp, barre, yoga, spinning. I pretty much would do whatever class lined up with Lewis and I schedule that day. These classes are by no means easy. Boot camp and tabata are high intensity, and the first couple months I started doing them, I was promised to be given a sore body part... or 5. 

Then I got my barre certification. Which has been great so far. We have been traveling a lot with Garrett lately, so I haven't taught any classes yet, but I plan to at the cape this summer. And now that we have been traveling with Garrett so much, and I can't always go to the gym, Ive been making up classes for myself. I travel with a set of 2 lb weights and do a barre class. 

So things seemed good and I just am comfortable with my fitness routine. So what do I do when I'm comfortable? I challenge myself further. I like to think I do this is many aspects of my life. For example, after having a baby for one year, I decided it was time to challenge my responsibility level and add a puppy to the mix. Ha ha. 

So challenging myself I am doing. I've set a mental goal to run a half marathon this summer, and if we decide to not get pregnant this year, I want to challenge myself to run a full marathon next year. I want to start out with a half marathon first though because that in itself is quite a challenge for me. Ive slowly built up to running 10 to 11 miles once a week, and it leaves me feeling pretty tired. 

For anyone else out there who needs to commit to something, and wants to challenge themselves, I am writing out my run schedule. 

To be completely honest I was inspired by my older sister, Megan. For the last year or two she's been a wild woman with running. She wakes up at 4 or 5 in the morning so she can jog before work and before her daughter wakes up. Ive seen the sport give my sister joy and satisfaction. Completion, exertion, challenge, motivation, drive, endurance. It's a pretty great effing feeling when you finish that 10th mile and you find yourself still standing. 

So I present to you a rough outline of my run schedule 

Monday- 4 - 7 mile run or elliptical , with stretching, abs, and arms afterwards or before. I like to make sure I run on a Monday. It's a personal challenge. Mondays are tough for many, as it means going back to work, but it gives me pleasure to finish a medium sized run.

Tuesday - Barre or Yoga class : After having a day of cardio, and using the same muscles for 30 to 45 minutes strait ( in a jog) I like to take a day and stretch it out and lengthen my muscles with a yoga or barre class

Wednesday - Boot camp, tabata, make my own workout. Where am I feeling lacking in muscle? My arms, my abs, my booty. Ill either take a boot camp or class once a week and work on really strengthening. Picking up those 15 lb weights and doing arms and squats. And/ Or focusing on the abs for a 15 to 20 minute period

Thursday - Barre or yoga Or take a day off. I usually take one to two days of a week and that just depends what my body is telling me or my work schedule

Friday - 10 to 13 mile run with stretching. I like to do my long run on Friday or Saturday. Makes me feel like I can celebrate the weekend and reward myself with a cheat day... Or a couple beers ;) 

Saturday - day off or barre/yoga

Sunday - 3 mile run with a light workout afterwards. 

This changes every week I just wanted to give you guys a rough understanding of what I do. so in summary:

3 days of cardio

2 -3 days of barre yoga

1 -2 days off

1 day strength training

Ultimately, you need to listen to your OWN body, and do whats best for you. Challenge yourself, but not too much. Be comfortable, but not lazy. And above all else LOVE YOURSELF! Even in that means just going for a walk outside. 




Let me know your favorite workouts! always interested in discovering new ways to work it out!