Lately, the word discipline has popped into my head. And when I mean lately, I mean like every time I step into the kitchen. Since Garrett has left for tour, I'm taking a break from alcohol, sweets and carbs! Well at least trying to at least! I may or may not have had a bite of Lewis' cup cake today that was given by a friend. See why discipline is so important?

For me I try to practice two types of discipline. My first one is discipline with what I eat/ put in my body. I'm not going to get into specifics, because everybody's bodies are different, but generally we know what's good for us. And if you're really not sure maybe you should see a functional medicine doctor. These kind of doctors will find out why you might feel tired or sick. It's absolutely crazy how many products that are available to Americans that contain very harmful ingredients. So next time you reach for those chips/ cookies/beer/ candy practice DISCIPLINE! Challenge yourself and believe in yourself! YOU are STRONG. You have it in you to ignore those desires and cravings, and I'm quite sure that the result will be so rewarding. To give you a little example, this is the kind of thing I try to do.

- One cup of coffee ( I can't not have my coffee) with two glasses of water before a workout

- No dairy. I Use almond/oat/coconut

- I eat Eggs, and a couple pieces of fruit for breakfast rather than carbs, sugary cereal, and toast.

- I Fuel on protein after a workout. Fish, protein smoothie, tofu, beans

- I try to eat a light dinner. Nothing to heavy and mostly vegetarian. 

The other form of discipline I try to practice, is a workout schedule during the week. Once I skip a couple days at the gym, it's easy for me to continue to skip my sessions. I am a creature of habit and I might prefer a leisure shopping trip to Newbury street, rather than a hour sweat sesh! But DISCIPLINE. Some mornings I wake up and think "there is just no way I am going to make it to the gym today" But I mentally coax my body to drink some water and a bit of coffee and get my butt there. I also think about how it will make me more prepared for the rest of the day. If I start my day out right and get my heart rate up first thing in the morning, I'm more alert and ready the rest of the day. Create a mental schedule for yourself. Find out when the classes are that you enjoy going to, and commit to that. You are STRONG!! And can achieve the results that you want. Sometimes your mind might play tricks on you that you can't, but truly we are miraculous and we can do so much.

I want to remind everyone that I am not a trained professional. And also to listen to your body. I am encouraging you to ignore the voice in your head that says you can't, but if something is going on with your body that hurts and is truly telling you to slow down. THEN LISTEN!

Heres a booty workout you can do anywhere! I practice barre a lot when we travel!


Questions and comments!? I'm all ears:)