Healthy (and easy) dinner Ideas

Guys, I'm obsessed with being healthy. Or at least what I think is healthy. Again, I am not professionally trained as a nutritionist, but I do have certain ways I like to eat, and that I feel benefit my body. SO I wanted to give you some of my go-to recipes for Lew and I when I want a quick, easy, and healthy dinner.


I typically try to just stick to fish, veggies, and the occasional roasted chicken. But If I'm out, im most likely going to pick the fresh catch So the first recipe I'l be giving you Is a fish dish yum! None of these are some break through recipe, it's just one of my go-to's and maybe a little inspiration is all you need.

Baked White Fish with tomato, onion, and broccolini

Typically you can choose any fish to your tasting. I usually go with Cod, swordfish, or salmon.

I chop a bunch of garlic, some tomatoes ( either cherry or heirloom) and an onion or two. Depending how many people you are feeding. I put the Tomato and onion an garlic all over the fish, with a little olive oil. Then stick in the oven at 400 degrees for 15 minutes (vary on the fish size and type. 

During this time, I heat about a tablespoon of olive oil on a skillet on the stove and break the broccolini apart so it can cook easier in the pan. I add salt and pepper and sauté at a medium heat. When the olive oil gets absorbed I'll usually add some chicken broth or dry vermouth to cook the broccolini a little longer. 


Chicken in the Crock Pot

How many of you own a crockpot? Well it’s a new thing for me but I’m obsessed. Never has cooking been so easy. Lewis and I are usually more motivated and energized in the morning, so this is perfect for us. We prepare the chicken after breakfast and then just put it in the slow cooker for the next 8 hours. During the final hour we add our fave veggies. I really like to do Brussel sprouts and cauliflower with this dish. It’s comfort food, wholesome and for some reason they just go good together to me.


To prepare the chicken

Remove the jiblets and untie the legs. Rinse and pat dry

Stuff the chicken with garlic, onions, and a lemon if you want. Rub olive oil all of the chicken and then season with herbs and spices to your liking.

I usually do rosemary, pepper, parsley, and whatever else I feel like sticking on there. 

Set the cook to low and stick the chicken in there for 8 hours. I usually set it up after breakfast. 10 or 11am, and so it is ready for dinner at 6pm/

I add the chopped veggies at the end. Usually a half hour to hour before the chicken is done cooking . 

Let me know if you guys have any questions!


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