So much of working out, for me, is being motivated.  To get up, out of bed, out of the house, out on your lunch hour, or after work and do it. Everyones lives are different, and have different everyday obligations. So start with a half an hour dedicated to bettering your body and mind.

 For me, time alone is so precious and scarce. I only get the nanny when I'm shooting, or when I'm out on the road with Gare. So that means, I have Lewis's nap time or before he wakes up to have "me time". When he was first born, I would usually workout during his nap. I bought a few pieces of work out equipment on amazon, and did the workouts I knew how. It started being as simple as jumping with a weighted jumprope and doing planks. But as soon as I started to see results on my own body, I wanted to go further. I then became apart of a gym, which has a daycare on site. I could leave Lewis for up to two hours a day. This was a game changer! My gym membership has just continued to fuel my desire for results and working out. It's become apart of Lewis and I's everyday routine. It's time where I don't have to be a mom, or a model, or a style blogger. It's time where I physically and mentally push myself to be stronger and better. It has changed my life. Ive always loved working out and I did soul cycle on a pretty regular basis when I lived in NYC. But it wasn't until after Lewis was born, when my body felt used and weak, that I decided it was time to do a change for the better. So I wanted to share wth you guys some of my motivators when I feel too tired, too busy, or plain just don't want to.

First. watch the Victoria Secret Fashion show. JK

kind of

but really

1. Love your body. Whether you're a mom, a student, a single person with an awesome career, whatever your story is and whatever your body is like now. LOVE IT. It is capable of some pretty awesome things. We only get one body, so it's time to treat it the best we can. Healthy body, healthy mind, happy YOU.

2. Set Goals. Do you want to shave an inch form your waist? Get muscle definition? Get a six pack? Be a body builder? Or maybe even just lose 3 pounds. Lose the baby weight? Or maybe it's to run a marathon! My first goal, was to be strong. And as I started to see and feel results, I set more. The best part of it, is as soon as you reach set goal, you can set it again. I don't even know what my current goal is, or how to describe it. But I know I want to get my body to the next level. 

3. Energy. Maybe sometimes it feels like you don't have the energy to work out. I'm too tired. I have used that phrase a million times. But not anymore. It's the opposite! If I DON'T workout, I feel lagging and not as energized for the rest of the day. When I do workout in the morning, I accomplish much more throughout the day. Clean the house, do the laundry, write, run errands, work. I might be making this up, but I once heard that when you workout, more oxygen is able to get to the brain, making you sharper and ready to conquer the day!

4. Future. Just thinking about my future with Lewis, and my future in general gets my mind reeling. Who do I want to be? I want to be able to keep up with my son and whatever future children I have. I want to be strong. Physically and mentally. So think about your future health, your future you, your future with your kids. Life is short to be unhealthy and out of shape. 

5. WORK HARD PLAY HARD, Now, I totally understand that just because I work out an hour a day, doesn't mean I get to eat whatever I want, and those to cancel each other out. HOWEVER I feel totally less guilty for indulging in a glass of wine or a beer If Ive worked out earlier in the day.

6. Sleepy baby. As some of you may know, my boyfriends travels for work. AS A ROCKSTAR, I might add. ;) He's gone often, leaving Lewis, Charli and I snuggling in a bed without him. I sometimes find it harder to sleep, but when I started pushing myself harder at the gym, and pushing my body physically, it helps me get a good night sleep.

These are all personal things that are motivatos for ME. I wanted to share because maybe they will inspire you to push yourself and motivate you in a way you were missing. I want to reiterate that everyone's lives are different. And everyone is built different physically. So if this just doesn't work for you that's ok. There are plenty of other ways to love and honor your body!

Happy workouts! ;)

xox k



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