My health and fitness journey began at a young age. Ever since I was old enough to be athletic, I was. I was enrolled in sports as a young girl and eventually chose my favorite, participating throughout high school. When I became a model in NYC, it was different. I had a million things I could do, and although going the the gym was highly recommended by our agents, it often fell lower on my list of things to do. It wasn't until 2 years ago, when Lewis was born that I really started to enjoy working out again. It was my time to spend on myself while Lewis was napping. It then became part of our everyday schedule. He would go to daycare and play with kids and I would take a class. It's a win-win. He gets to make friends and socialize, and I get to work on myself emotionally and physically. I say emotionally as well because for me, so much of working out is mental. My general schedule at the gym usually consists of 2 days of cardio a week, 1 or 2 days of barre class, and 1 to 2 classes of tabata or boot camp. And of course a day or 2 of rest. Every week I find myself more determined to be better, get better, and strive more. Ive personally watched my body transform and I AM PROUD. I wake up energized, and go to bed feeling accomplished. Skipping sweets or a glass of wine has gotten easier (still do it like three times a week LOL).

So recently an opportunity presented itself in front me me. An instructor that I really like at Equinox, does a teaching training program for Barre class. I toyed around with the idea and each day it sounded better and better to me. What this means for me as a person, I get to work in a intimate setting and try to perfect my barre workout. I'll be knowledgeable in the workout and have a weekend dedicated to myself. And then what this can be for me for the future. I can teach barre for my friends and maybe eventually move into a career more directed towards health and fitness. Maybe this summer it looks like teaching my friends on the porch in the mornings. 

It was not an easy decision for me to make. It's easy for me to write something off when I am not to familiar with it. I battled self doubt and feeling intimidated. It's easy to stay in a comfort zone, but when you take risks and challenges is when life starts to offer reward. Despite what it may seem on social media, I have anxiety leaving Lewis. Even for the day or night. Don't get me wrong, I wholly appreciate date night with a passion, but there's always the missing presence of Lewis tugging at my heart strings. My mini, my love, the most important thing in my life. Everything comes second to him. And this still does, but this weekend I will bet taking the Barre Teacher Training Course and I'm very excited. 

I want you guys on this journey with me and to be held accountable to continue my learning and development of health and fitness. I can't wait to share what I learn, and my discover my teaching capabilities. I hope some day I will be able to share this journey with Lewis. How my vision for the future is fueling my decisions now. How every decision I make is so much reflected by my love for him. How much he has made my life better and continues to motivate me. 

Thanks for reading!



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