30 minute Abs

Happy day after valentines. I literally ate pizza, drank beer, and had a few cookies. So day after valentines I like to get after it! I go to the gym when I'm home in Boston, but we are leaving for the cape and all I have are some weights and my tone it up sliders. So floor workout while Lewis sleeps it is.

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My sister took these photos when I was in Michigan last weekend. I woke up before Lewis did and got this workout in. All you need is a little space the sliders work on hard surfaces and carpet. 

One of my main focus area is my abdomen. Since I had Lewis, and started training at high intensity levels, that was one place I REALLY enjoyed seeing results.

Do each off these workouts for 40 seconds, after 40 seconds switch to next workout right after. One you are done with the first round take a 45 second break. Repeat 4 to 5 times!

I always like to start off with a tough one. I'm at the beginning of my workout, feeling good, and have lots of energy. 

You start of in a high plank and take two to three steps forward with your hands, and go down to a push up. All the while your feet are resting on the sliders and are just dragging behind. Repeat the same thing going backwards, alternating until you have done this for 30 seconds. Then rest


This one works on the core and legs! Start in a high plank and drag your feet up so you find yourself in a squat position. Stand up, go back down to squat and then back down to plank. Its kind of a modified burpee in a way.

Oh yeah. This one is my fave. If your body can't do this at first just keep on trying because little by little you'll be able to do these movement more. Start in high plank and slide your feet underneath your hips and knees. Slide back out then slide your self up to a pike. Repeat these two movements.

Give your wrists a break and to this workout next. Keep your hands on the sliders and slide from side to side extending and reaching as far down towards your feet without moving any other part of your body.

These are freaking hard. one legged mountain climbers. I do 20 seconds each leg so I can actually do it. 

Don't forget to stretch it out.. xo






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