What's in my gym bag.


HII! and happy mid-week. I have a lot of things in my daily regiment and I wanted to share some of them with you guys. 

1. Tone it up sliders

There are so many simple exercises you can use with these. I'll do a separate post on easy ways to use these on the go.

2. JBL wireless headphones. I love using these on no matter what exercise I'm using. They never fall out and I'm not connected with a cord

3. Reusable water bottle. Lessen your carbon footprint and save 5 bux a day

4. An easy high protein snack. PISTACHIOS 

5. STANCE SOCKS! MY favorite sock company. They are making the cutest socks with style. KIDS WOMENS MEN, They are my go to. Thick, thin, knee high, sheer. You name it.

6. PACIFICA underarm and make up remover wipes. I use the make up remover wipes before and the other after. 

7. Rosewater. I know. the fads. but come on... SO refreshing. 

8. Hand Cream. Because when ever I am out of the shower and gym using soap I'm DRIED OUT.

9. Hair ties- Can never have enough!

10. Elizabeth Arden deodorant. SMELLS SO GOOD

11. The workout clothes, and gym bag are both Target:)


Kelsey Lauren