A weekend (run) away


This past weekend I ate:

Donuts, pizza, chips, cookies, a croissant and Lewis’s Mac and cheese. I only had a little bit of each thing. To be thin and in shape you don’t have to only eat veggies, or never enjoy another meal ever again. You can still enjoy the things you love IN MODERATION. That’s not to be said, some bodies react differently than others when it comes to sugar, carbs and fried foods. For me I stay pretty focused on my diet all week and I let it slip sometimes on the weekend. If I want to enjoy some cheese and crackers, then I will! It's called a cheat day, and I allow myself one (or two) a week.

So when writing this post I was trying to think of inspiring recipes, more step by step workouts or something that would make my readers happy. But the thing is I didn’t do those things this weekend and I want to write the truth. I still worked out, I prefer to workout 5 days a week, but the workout wasn’t something that was mind blowing. I JOGGED! Oh and it was one of those days when I was jogging and every stride seemed more difficult than the last. But I kept going. My mind so often tells me I’m done, but if you override the initial instinct to quit you’d be surprised how much you can actually push yourself. I surprised myself. I had Lewis in the stroller and Charli Girl on the leash and we jogged from my in- laws house to Garrett and I’s new house. I don’t prefer to jog in the city because it’s generally pretty flat. When I’m jogging the slow roads of the cape, it's not all the same flat path. There's hills, dirt roads, and fresh air. I think my body is able to work different muscles and gets different things with jogging that it may not get when I do my Tabata workout. 

Sometimes, when I'm traveling and I want to work my core a little more than just a jog, I travel with an ab roller. They break down, easy to pack, and light as a feather. 

Linking here to an ab roller

Anyways here I am on my jog and it’s beautiful. Even though the trees are barren and the wind is biting at our cheeks, the sun is out. The sun is out and it’s a blue sky and I breathe fresh ocean air and I know that even if I call my friend to come pick me up and can’t jog back, that the exercise even just 30 minutes did something for my body and loads for my brain. I love the cape. It gives me a sense of ease. Makes me sleep at night and wakes me up with birds and the sun rise. I like to be outside even in the cold. Just an FYI, I did jog back but not before snapping some photos of Lewis on our property. (Check out the fashion section). and then went for a walk on the beach and dear God thank you for making such a beautiful creation for me to revel in. I’m so thankful I have a place to go that makes me feel so free and happy. Go on a jog, clear your head, go to some where that makes you happy. Change your routine to no routine. And if you don’t have one find one. It can just be a farm or an Airbnb to a random destination with a good deal. I know it’s made a world of difference in my week and could for yours too.





Kelsey Lauren