Floor Workout 1!

I want to start off by saying a couple things. First, I am not by any means a trainer or a nutritionist. I have never had any formal education, however I love working out and eating healthy. I know what works for my body and I would love to share what has made me successful in achieving the results I want. Second, I have always been tall and thin. That is my body type. My dad is 6'4" and thin himself. That being said, everyone has a different body type and way that there body reacts to certain things. 

Today I will share one of my floor workouts! I take a lot of fitness classes and have chosen specific workouts from each one that push me physically and I enjoy.

This specific workout follows the basis of TABATA. Which is 20 seconds of pushing yourself with a 10 second recovery period. Repeat 8 times. After the eighth repetition the tabata is over and you can take a 90 second recovery. After your recovery period you start the second tabata. Repeat that process with 8 different workouts. 

Here are the ones I chose to do today..

Things you'll need


Medium weights (things that challenge you, but you can still lift. I was using 8 lbs) Here are some inexpensive ones

A fitness ball. You can order on amazon here 

Tabata 1

Start in high plank with medium weights. Row up the weight and then kick back the weight. Repeat 4 times on each side. 

Tabata 2

SQUAT JAX ..... Start in a squat with your arms curled and then jump into a closed standing position up while lifting weight upward. Repeat as many times in the 20 seconds. And then repeat 7 more times.

Tabata 3

6 pack abs here we come! I LOVE this workout it really feels like its working my lower abdomens. Which have always been a problem area for me. Start in a plank position with your feet resting on the body ball. Complete a push up and then pull your knees into your chest while keeping your feet balancing atop the body ball. Repeat as many times in 20 seconds 8 rounds.

Tabata 4

Side Lunge. Start with the weights in your hands, side lunge to the left or right, second lunge drop the weights. Switch between dropping an picking them up. Repeat same side for 20 seconds, switch sides after four rounds.


Tabata 5

Two different work outs for tabata 5. First one you stay in a plank and "army crawl" from side to side. Second is going from a high plank to a forearm plank as many times in 20 seconds. You can do every other until the 8, twenty second rounds is done or 4 rounds each. 

Tabata 6

CURTSY LUNGE. Switch every other leg for 20 seconds while lifting medium weights to and "L" shape.

Tabata 7

Back to those ABS OF STEELE!! Im partial to abdomen workout I personally want to have a strong and solid core. 

So use the body ball and pass from your hands to your feet crunching to have the two meet. Repeat as many times in 20 seconds for 8 rounds.


I like to do a booty burner at the end. So I go through a series of these workouts.

First round, holding weight behind my knew and lifting my leg up, very tightly like you have a pencil in between your booty and and upper thigh.

Second, lifting towards the side of the room, with the weight still there, working those love handles.

Third tapping and lifting the tip of your foot with your leg strait.

FOURTH, go down to a plank and point your leg to the side of the room, tap floor and lift. Then switch sides after fourth round!

YOU DID IT. I hope you enjoy this workout as much as I do. You can do these workouts anywhere with just two small equipment purchases. xx


Kelsey Lauren