things have been going good with the blog and life. I feel like I've taken some real steps to being the best version of me. That's all I want. I'd also love to make some money too ;)

Anyways, Im a barre certified instructor, modeling has been going great, and now I'm hoppin on the Casting Coin team. I feel good, busy and happy. Ive been waiting to post this look and currently it's just how I feel now. Like a bad ass working mom. 



Blazer Zara - everyone needs a black and white blazer for spring am I right? so cute and easy to style. Not to mention it makes me look like a bad b**** ;)

Pants: Hudson Jeans Who doesn't love some coral in their wardrobe for spring. I legit just bought this same color lipstick today. #corallooksgoodoneveryone #evenmypaleass

Shoes: Target I got these for like 10 dollars from target (they were on sale) but It looks like they don't have them anymore. There are some similar and cute ones still on there. Click link to shop

Bag: Gucci My new white love. I love this bag so effin much. timeless, beautiful and Gucci. Need I say more?


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