Ive always been passionate about the environment. I used to horseback ride as a young girl; through the forests, meadows, and beaches of the midwest, I was always in awe of creation. This beautiful world I have the privilege to have been born into. And then as I got older and experienced the beaches of Fiji, the jungle of Costa Rica, and desserts of Arizona, my respect deepened for nature. Ive had the privilege to travel around the world and have fallen in love with so many parts. But the harsh reality is, that society doesn't take care of the earth. Many people refuse to believe that it is a responsibility of humanity. I do my part as much as I can, but certain materials are so integrated into our everyday lives, it's a constant struggle. One of those things is clothing. Did you know that many fabrics and dyes are synthetic and harmful to the environment? Fast fashion has dominated the fashion industry and the world. We have allowed it to slowly take over, however there are some brands that are working to fight against the pollution of "fast Fashion"

What is Sustainable Fashion

A lot of what makes a brand sustainable, is the fabrics and dye they use. If the fabric is sustainable, is often made up of natural and recycled products rather than synthetic and non biodegradable materials. Some companies have learned how to make a fabric called Tencel, which is made from renewable plant based material and recycled materials. There are more fabrics that are similar to this. Sustainable fashion also includes the methods of how it is produced. Making sure the emissions are at a low. Some companies even go as far as shipping methods, making sure that the method of transportation emits the lowest amount of pollution possible.

MY top 5 Sustainable fashion brands

People tree - Just absolutely love how committed they are to sustainable fashion

Bayou with Love - Nikkie Reed started this company a few years ago and I've been following it. It's so amazing to see new designers being so innovative. She recently launched a jewelry portion from RECYCLED metal. 

Reformation - Uses plant based and recycled materials.. AND THEY DO IT SO WELL.

Style Saint - Explain to you just how much you are helping the environment out with every product you purchase

Lukka the label - I love Kelsey's style, they are high quality and made from deadstock fabric from local factories






It's my goal, from now on, to significantly decrease the amount of money I spend at "fast fashion" brands. I am committing to product one outfit a month (at least) that just comes from sustainable brands, or bought second hand. I think it's important as a blogger, who is always creating outfits, to recognize the flaw in the fashion industry. Nothing is going to change overnight, but if we encourage brands like these, we can hope to change the social norm. 

If none of these brands do it for you, then shop up cycled! There are soooo many great vintage, and lightly used designer consignment around. I constantly am shopping on Postmark, eBay, and The Real Real. These are all online consignment. But theres always great thrift stores near by too. I just picked up some great things from Castanet. Castanet is a local consignment shop in Boston. If you're local check it out!

I admit to not being fully educated on all things sustainable fashion. But I do know that I want to make a difference in my life to be more environmentally conscious. I WOULD LOVE if you guys would comment other sustainable brands and would soak up any environmentally friendly things you guys would recommend. 

Now here is my first look, all clothing that is from these brands, or second hand. Photos taken by Ash Soong



Coat is Second hand Celine from Castanet

Bralette is from StyleSaint

Lewis Shirt is from Nico Nico



Pants are From People Tree

Shoes: Brother Vellies



Lewis Shoes are Brother Vellies 

Lewis' Pants are Boy + Girl

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