Nashville Chic

First off, I want to apologize for the lack of professional grade photos on this one. Garrett used my iPhone 10 to shoot this. And although the iPhone has a great products, these are nothing what they could be. With that being said, I'm saving up some loot to buy a nice camera to take with me everywhere.

Back to the outfit. I love everything cowgirl. Believe it or not, I actually was one. I rode horses all through middle and high school, and I still love it. Obviously I didn't do much in NYC, but horses still have a huge place in my heart. Somewhere in my dads basement I have a bin full of old show clothing. Chaps and boots and crazy western shirts. I look back on the memories very fondly. So when I came to Nashville, I got an itch to buy cowboy boots because it's pretty much every girls uniform out here. So I did and then threw this outfit together. and I pretty much love it. 


Shirt is Target and was super inexpensive. Love throwing this on with a pair of jeans or a skirt and tying the ends for a more western/country feel. 

Skirt is Hudson x BAJA EAST. It's such a new and fun version of the mini skirt. EVERY denim brand has a mini skirt. But no one is doing this. Wear a crop top for a more night out look or a sweater for a casual dinner look.


I looked and looked and looked and thought I found some but then didn't fit. Then found these guys and every time I put them on, I like them more. Sure you can go to "Boot Barn" or "Boot Country" In the heart of touristville. But I wanted something that was vintage and not a lot of people can get at any old boot producer. So I went to GoodBuy Girl and found these. They have AWESOME stuff. It's a smaller selection of vintage items than some of the other stores, but quality over quantity couldn't be a better phrase for this gem of spot. 

Click here for GoodBuy Girls Vintage

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