Spring is here (kind of)

This spring/winter has been SOOOO long. All my fellow new englanders also understand this. We got a couple spring teasers, but mostly it's plunged back down to the 30's or lower. Now it finally may seem like the end is in sight. But it's not quite warm enough to run to my closet and throw some jean shorts on. So, I came out with this outfit. I feel like it's the perfect in between seasons outfit. 


I think this is one of my favorite looks yet. its so casual but yet you can take the blazer off and rock this outfit all night long. And this beret, in this color! ADORABLE

Beret is free people

Silk Cami is from Nordstrom Rack, They don't have the exact one anymore so im listing some cute options below


Helmut lang tank (ON SALE)

And like you truly can't go wrong with CAMI NYC 

Blush tank by CAMI NYC

Let's talk this blazer. It's so great. I wasn't expecting it to be so flattering but it hangs in all the right places. The sleeves are also made like this so it switches up the look from any old blazer

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Moving on to leather pants! These are J. brand, and they are actually like super dark green. Which I like for this look. It makes is more spring-ish and is different then black leather like everyone always have. 

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Im just wearing a simple black bootie in this outfit. The ones I am wearing are sam Edelman. Love sam and the affordable quality items they sell.

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You will see a dainty, super cute, gold necklace. It is from OUIMILLIE in beacon hill and I LOVE it. It's actually a little many microphone so I obvs had to get it para mi bebe.

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